The Solar Pathfinder: A Great Tool For Ecological Designers

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Below I have put together a video about a tool that every designer should be familiar with. It is called a solar pathfinder. I use this tool in almost every consultancy that I do and it not only impresses the clients when I pull it out, it gives you amazing data instantly about the solar resource for the property that you are designing.

I love this tool for multiple reasons:

  • It is great for analysing sun and shade
  • It is easy and quick to use
  • It is great for placing gardens, food forests, orchards, greenhouses and hammocks
  • It speeds up the observation process
  • You can get a solar analysis for the whole year at any time of the year at any time of day
  • It does not require batteries
  • It works all over the world
  • You can get software for it that will produce professional photo voltaic and solar thermal reports detailing how much power or heat can be generated from a specific panel in a specific location on your home

My Take on the Solar Pathfinder



How to Use the Solar Pathfinder

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Gordon Howell
Gordon Howell
8 years ago

Yes, the Solar Pathfinder has been around in the solar industry for a couple decades at least. It’s prime purpose is to evaluate shading. I have never used one, but I have seen them used. I myself have a Solmetric SunEye ($3000), which does this all electronically, accurately and very quickly.

+Gordon Howell
Howell Mayhew Engineering

Michelle (Verge)
Michelle (Verge) (@mavis)
8 years ago
Reply to  Gordon Howell

Thanks for the comment Gordon!


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