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Verge Grad Profile: 

Jeremy Zoller, Owner, Sunshine Earth Works

Graduated from 2013 PDC in Calgary

Jeremy’s Expertise:

Permaculture Design, Landscape Construction, Earth Repair

Jeremy’s Story: 

Jeremy Zoller Verge Permaculture GradWith a background in recreation management and community development from Mount Royal College, Jeremy subscribes to the “school of work”, having experience in fields as diverse as carpentry, metalworking, banking, hospitality, event planning, fundraising, community building and landscaping. 

Jeremy’s always had a strong connection to nature, but it was only in the last two years that he embarked on the journey towards sustainable earth development. After having a profound experience in the Mexican desert, he realized that the earth was more than the dirt beneath his feet, and that he was part of a complex and intricate system that supported all life. Jeremy came to see his work, school and volunteer experiences as training for a path he had unknowingly sought for 37 years.

After quitting his job to pursue his dreams, Jeremy grew gardens in his backyard workshop, read countless books,  and watched videos, eventually coming across the principles of permaculture. His 13 day PDC with Verge was the last piece of the puzzle. In 2014, Jeremy put shovel to soil and incorporated Sunshine Earth Works, a Calgary-based permaculture and landscape construction company. After a successful season of learning and doing, Jeremy is fully engaged on his path of repairing the Earth while empowering others to care for it.

On his experience with Verge: 

Sunshine Earth Works at work“Verge and the PDC were vital to my development down the Earth Repair path. I had learned so much about individual techniques in sustainable earth development from books, videos and hands on experience, but it was the PDC that really put it all together…”

“…Now that my business is active, the Verge community is vital to its development and growth. I have already connected with other people on the same path with the intention of collaboration. We are stronger together, pooling experience, knowledge, innovation and support.”  

“Verge has been so helpful in shifting my perception to look at problems as opportunities… Look at what is in front of you, do your part, and realize it is enough. I am inspired and hopeful on this path to Earth Repair.” 


Sunshine Earth Works Logo

“Let us S.E.W. the seeds together.”


Sunshine Earth Works specializes in landscape construction with a permaculture design focus, offering full creation options from consultation to design and installation in Calgary and the surrounding areas. S.E.W. offers the following services:

  • Vermicompost tea development and application
  • Hardscaping that incorporates trees, shrubs, flowers, custom stone works, fencing, ground covers, aggregate, and mulch
  • Rainwater catchment design and eavestrough adaptation strategies
  • Garden design and construction (raised beds, hügelkultur, herb spirals, wicking beds, food forests)
  • Compost consultations and DIY workshops

In the winter season, Jeremy also constructs indoor “Bring Some Nature Inside” terrariums (living moss, tropicals, succulents and cacti), birdhouses, and art bug hotels that support backyard food webs of birds, bees, and beneficial insects.

Contact Info: 

Email: sunshineearthworks(at)

Phone: 403-607-2826

Learn about Sunshine Earth Works HERE 

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