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 I’m sitting at my computer this morning with my cup of coffee, watching a video called “Soil Carbon Cowboys” and getting inspired. Here, take a look:

Like many technophiles, I often get swept away by renewable energy technologies like wind turbines, solar arrays, and micro hydro because they seem like great solutions to fracking, tar sands development, and other extractive fossil fuel strategies. But while energy production has huge impact on our planet, many of us forget that over the last 10,000 years, agriculture has emitted almost double the amount of atmospheric carbon than all the coal, oil, and gas ever burned. 

Soil Carbon Cowboys: Change Through Food

What if we can address climate change and its adverse impacts through changing what we eat, who grows it, and how it’s produced? Soil Carbon Cowboys tells a story of ranchers who learn to focus on regenerating their soils while providing some real food for thought.

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