The Salatin Semester: A Complete Home Study Course in Polyface-Style Diversified Farming

$330.00 CAD

Price is estimated. Actual Price $249 USD

12 NTSC-DVDs, data/audio disk & book

Are you ready to embark on your own Lunatic Farming Adventure?

A scintillating synthesis of Salatin savvy in tangible technology that you can hold in your hands, view on your laptop, load on your I-pod, dog-ear and underline!


  • 12 NTSC-DVD Disks with 18+ Hours of Professionally Edited Video
  • 6 Hours of MP3 Audio
  • 256 -page Paperback Book of Q&A, Discussion, and Study Guide
  • 250+ photo Polyface Farm Slide Show
  • PLUS our introductory 55-minute audio interview with Joel Salatin (immediately downloadable upon completed purchase)…
  • PLUS an Immediate Gratification E-Bonus: an in-depth 49-minute interview with Daniel Salatin (immediately downloadable upon completed purchase)…

We co-produced this product with Acres U.S.A. It is so comprehensive that we had to create it’s own website to fully describe its features. Check out excerpts and videos here: