• Founder, Prairie Sage Permaculture
  • Graduated from Verge PDC in 2011
  • Expertise: Permaculture drafting and design, tour management and facilitation, wild edibles identification, ecopsychology, mindfulness and yoga practices.


Even as a lifelong urbanite, Ted has maintained a strong connection with and appreciation for nature. Growing up in the city, Ted noticed from a young age the contradictions that exist within industrial and urban culture. Why do we spray for weeds and pests when no one does in the forest? Why do we buy all our food from the stores? Why are there so many additives in the things we eat?

The corporate world drew Ted in before he could finish his post-secondary studies in education, english and psychology, and before long he found himself working 10 to 12 hour days away from his kids and with no real meaning or connection to the greater human world. After being laid-off due to massive cutbacks, Ted seized upon the opportunity to shift gears and discovered permaculture. Now a certified permaculturist through Verge, Ted believes that permaculture is the next big leap culture must take if we are to not only survive, but to thrive as a species.

On his experience with Verge:

Ted’s biggest takeaway from his PDC was that there is enormous strength found through multiple connections. This simple but crucial lesson has formed the basis of his business philosophy:

“It makes sense when talking about a natural system like a forest and it applies to so many other scenarios, whether it be social constructs, biological systems and so forth. I apply this in so many of the things I do. Being a part of the Verge community is also a perfect example of this idea of connections strengthening a system.”

Ted strives to walk the talk by forming enduring ties with his fellow classmates and the Verge staff. Through these linkages they provide each other with unique yields on a regular basis; long-term friendships and business partnerships continue to help everyone involved achieve collective success.



Prairie Sage Permaculture provides tours, consulting, designs, workshops and other special permaculture-related events. Ted’s goal is to provide clients with the insight, means, tools, and knowledge to reconnect with nature in meaningful, nourishing and resilient ways that strengthen community and environment.

Prairie Sage designed the award-winning Wildwood Garden, Calgary’s first permacultured community garden measuring a quarter acre in size with over 600 square feet of terraced wicking beds and a leaf-shaped, swale-irrigated food forest. In addition, Ted operates Calgary’s first permaculture tour, an annual event which guides guests to Calgary’s most prominent permaculture sites before finishing the day with an organic, locally-grown dinner. Verge also contracts Prairie Sage to run tours as a supplement to their PDC.

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