Meet Shelley

    • OPDC Grad, 2020

Shelley's Project

Shelley owns a 12 acre rural property, and used the OPDC to learn how she could incorporate regenerative land practices to her property. Her goals were to incorporate swales and a food forest, to address water harvesting around the house which overlooks a 1 acre pond with duckweed, and to see about doing some earthworks. Coming into the course she was excited for the challenge, and she said learned an immense amount which helped inform the future design and development of her property.

You can check out her project here:


Shelley's PDC Experience

Curious what Shelley thought about the Online PDC? Wonder how it has impacted her life and property? Check out the interview below where she shares their thoughts, opinions, and experiences after having completed the 2020 Summer course.

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Location: Ontario, Canada


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