Meet Ludovic (Ludo) Bourdon

  • Founder, Abundant by Nature

  • Expertise: Aid work, severely degraded landscape regeneration, large scale projects including big machinery equipment, earthworks, hands on regenerative techniques courses including: compost, plant nursery, grey water management, large tree planting projects.

  • Services: Degraded land consulting and implementation of design, hands on regenerative techniques courses.

Ludo's Story

Ludo Bourdon, is originally from France. In 2010 he started urban farming while living in British Columbia, where he learned natural growing methods. He became inspired when he took an introduction to permaculture course.

Ludo realized that small-scale farming demanded hard work yet provided minimal societal and ecological impact. In 2012, after completing the Verge  Permaculture Design Certificate, he participated in a permaculture project in Burkina Faso and seeing the difference that sustainable design could make in an extremely impoverished region, he found his niche in the regenerative agriculture world and became committed to furthering his training and doing as many aid projects as he could.

He completed Geoff Lawton’s online PDC, did an advanced practicum with Verge Permaculture, and went to Kenya, Uganda and Zanzibar with Seven Ravens Permaculture Academy. In the Philippines he took part in the Aid Permaculture Leadership training at the Green Warrior Eco-Farm and went to Portugal for an earthworks course with David Spicer. He’s also completed Soil Biology/Compost courses, installed food forests, and more. Currently he is taking Holistic Management training, through the Savory Institute.

Ludo believes that if we want to restore a thriving eco system, care for the earth and care for the people go hand in hand. His company Abundant by Nature‘s primary focus is aid work. It is where he believes he can have the biggest impact and where his expertise is most needed. Working in partnership with local community members in impoverished regions of the world, Abundant by Nature creates projects that increase community self-sustenance and resilience.

Ludo is contracted by “the search engine that plants trees” as their Regenerative Agriculture Consultant.

Abundant by Nature

About Abundant by Nature

Abundant by Nature‘s projects are community-based and function on a grassroots level. They strive to create regenerative agriculture designs that are easily replicated so that increased resilience in one community can spread to increased resilience in many communities. As projects are all designed to bring ease and surplus to the community, they use existing resources and build systems that require minimal labour to maintain. Even if their goal over time is to remove as much use of machinery as they can, on large scale projects the use of big machinery may be temporarily required to reset the landscape into a regenerative cycle. On all their projects, the local population or farm staff are always deeply involved to learn new farming practices. 

Abundant by Nature has been involved in design and implementation in multiple projects in Burkina-Faso, Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar and more recently, Sri-Lanka. They have three active, on-going projects: a 40 hectares agroforestry in dryland, Burkina-Faso, west Africa; a 6 acres fruits and spice farm; and a retrofit of a 25 acres organic farm, in wet tropics, Zanzibar. 

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