Meet Sam

    • Expertise, Sustainable Forest Management, Ecology, Botany, Education

    • Career, Coordinator at ACPFNL
    • Location, Quebec

Sam's Story

Sam is a Coordinator at ACPFNL and a Permaculture Educator in the province of Quebec. He also holds a Masters degree in the Sustainable Management of Forest Resources, and is thus uniquely positioned as an advocate for the natural world. Sam connects with his local ecology every day, incorporating Permaculture principles in his life and work as a way to give back to Nature. 


About Sam's Final Design Project

While most PDC students submit a land-based design for their final project submission, all students have the opportunity to present non-physical permaculture projects like business proposals, theoretical systems, etc… Sam took this opportunity to reflect on the state of our times and make connections to Permaculture as a solutions-oriented ideology.

Listen to Sam’s project submission below:

Sam's PDC Experience

Curious what Sam thought about the Online PDC? Wonder how it impacted him? Check out the interview below where Sam shares his thoughts, opinions, and experiences after having completed the 2020 Summer course.

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Location: Quebec


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