Meet Nola

    • Owner, Maple Forest Farms

    • Location, Mount Forest, Ontario

    • Expertise, Expertise, education, teaching, manufacturing, management and now Agriculture/Permaculture

Nola's Story

Nola is a retired secondary school teacher who, with her partner, Mike (a retired Manager at National Steel Car Corp), took our Online PDC to learn how she could best manage her 70 acre property in SE Ontario. She wanted to learn how she could work with nature, utilizing the resources her land had to offer her and her community, but more importantly how she could give back to nature. Also being very disappointed in the fragility of our current global food distribution systems, she strives to build sustainable local food/economic systems using the permaculture principles she learned about in the course. 

About Maple Forest Farms

Nola & Mike’s goal with their farm was to develop a long-term permaculture plan for the design of the next generation development of their property that will protect, optimize and properly manage the ecosystem and develop its potential for
future generations. Additionally, they sought to create opportunities for people to gather, learn, relax and appreciate various aspects of nature. Perhaps also cultivating agro-tourism through nature trails, seasonal activities and/or workshops on the farm
(permaculture, drones, cooking, art, photography, etc.).

See details about her farm design below:



Nola's PDC Experience

Curious what Nola thought about the Online PDC? Wonder how it has impacted her farm design? Check out the interview below where Nola and her design project partner, Brendan Te Brinke, shares their thoughts, opinions, and experiences after having completed the 2020 Summer course.


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Youtube: Nola Marion

Location: SE Ontario


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