Meet Nic

  • Service, Resilience & Leadership Coaching: this includes coaching (leaders, individuals, relationships & teams),
    organizational development, training & workshops and consulting.

  • Specialization, Individual and collective resilience, leadership development, regenerative leadership, natural systems design. Invoke Coaching focuses on non-profit, social enterprise and socially conscious organizations.

  • Area Serviced, Online in Canada or Calgary for in-person

About Nic

Nic works with organizations, individuals and relationships through a natural systems lens. This work supports the leadership potential, resilience and relationships of the individuals and systems he works with.

Nic has a background in non-profit work, having worked in that sector for over a decade. During that time he did a Masters of Arts in Leadership and coach training, leading to CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and ACC (Associate Certified Coach) designations. Those experiences inspired him to start his own coaching and leadership practice, as he focused more on working with leaders and systems to bring about resilience and transformation. He has a deep desire for social change and believes in the power of nature to teach us the ways forward that are regenerative and resilient on multiple levels. He imagines a future where our relationships, individual practices, organizations and systems are designed based on the natural world.

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