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If you have been to the AREA in Inglewood during the past year, you have seen the innovation, dedication, and hard work of Kym Chi (and TONS of other volunteers). During the evenings and weekends, Kym works as a Reiki Master, Raindrop therapist, Artist, Herbalist and teaches permaculture classes through her business, Giggling Chi Tree.

Kym’s previous occupations included retail, scenic art in film, customer service, and her current job of a Facilities Services Team Leader at the Talisman Centre. Her credentials include a degree in Theater Production, as well as several certificates including Reiki Master, Raindrop Therapy, Chartered Herbalist, and most recently, Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).

Kym has always had an interest in natural building methods, especially cob, as it was not only natural and sustainable, it was also structural. She kept putting off learning the technique as she was waiting to find land to build on. During this time, she’d been hearing more and more about permaculture since a chance meeting at a Visionary Arts Intensive with Alex and Allyson Grey. Kym enrolled in the spring 2011 PDC with Verge and her life has not been the same since. “Permaculture is so much more than a garden. My brain has been remapped, I see life and myself differently, when making decisions I use permaculture ethics, and I know that there are not problems in the world—there are opportunities for change.”

From Kym’s work with Evolver Calgary, she saw that there was a need to change society’s view as a whole. She how people were losing faith in the agricultural and economic systems, due to some obvious flaws. Moved to be a part of this change, she started Giggling Chi Tree. “The more teachers we have the more we can spread knowledge.” Kym tailors the topics of her classes to the needs that she sees in the community. Despite the challenges of preparing and promoting the classes, she says, “I know that this is what I am supposed to do and I know people want me to succeed.” Her class topics range from composting and cob oven building, to herbs and intentional energy focus.

In the future, Kym plans to continue teaching courses that increase the awareness of permaculture, create permaculture designs, and would ultimately love to work in a community that uses barter or trade as a means of currency. There will be many opportunities in the upcoming year for work parties and work trade for courses.


Kym Chi
Giggling Chi Tree

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