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    • Expertise, Design

    • Specialization, Web and graphic design

Geoff's Story

In 2017, Geoff and his wife began building an off grid tiny home on a 200 acre farm commune. Their goal was to reduce their carbon footprint, connect with nature & people, learn valuable life skills, and eventually shift their careers to support a holistic lifestyle.

Their community shares a vision to create a biodiverse, resilient, and regenerative ecosystem that can also provide food and income. Eventually they’d like to offer food security to friends and family, and to educate visitors on regenerative farming methods as well as permaculture principles & ethics.


About Geoff's Project

Geoff’s project centers around a 1 acre forest garden as proof of concept before expanding to the surrounding fields. T0 protect the growing site, a windbreak is included as well as a swale to help capture and manage water. In order to fund startup costs, eco-lodging and off-grid getaways are being set up to offer educational and wholesome experiences for vacationers.

See Geoff’s Final Design Project Here:


Geoff's PDC Experience

Curious what Geoff thought about the Online PDC? Wonder how it influenced his farm design? Check out the interview below where he shares his thoughts, opinions, and experiences after having completed the 2020 Summer course.

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Location: SE Ontario


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