Meet Brandon Scherling

  • Owner, Resilient Living Systems, Scherling Woodwork and Cabinet

  • Expertise, Construction, Passive Solar Greenhouse Design, Building, Renewable Energy Systems, Custom Woodworking & Cabinetry

  • Area Serviced, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Brandon's Story

Having worked as a Contractor, Builder, and Woodworker for many years, Brandon was drawn to the Verge 2020 OPDC by his interest in passive homes. With an expertise and a livelihood in construction he has spent a lot of time building structures that he has always felt were inefficient in their energy usage and expenditure. He saw opportunity in the OPDC to expand the scope of his business to build the style of structure he knew made much more sense: passive homes and greenhouses.

brandon scherling

About Resilient Living Systems

One week into the Online PDC, Brandon quit his previous construction job and launched Resilient Living Systems (RLS). His focus is to build passive solar greenhouses using locally sourced materials for as many people as he possibly can. Beyond just a structure, Brandon sees the community impact that a passive greenhouse can have, and strives to create a cultural shift in his area toward seeing the benefit of passive structures and lifestyles. He also offers land design services in the way of water harvesting, swales, food forests, and more.

Enjoy the video below to see his OPDC final design project submission to get a feel for his work.

Brandon's PDC Experience

Curious what Brandon thought about the Online PDC? Wonder how it was a catalyst for his new business? Check out this interview with Brandon where he shares his thoughts, opinions, and experiences after having done the 2020 Summer course.

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