Meet Alvise

    • Owner, Moose Homestead

    • Expertise, Construction, Design

    • Area of Specialization, Natural Building, Art Installation, Custom Furniture

Alvise's Story

Alvise moved from Italy to Alberta in 2000 with his family, and he is a Maker in every sense of the word. Though his background is in Computer Science and Graphic Design, he has over 30 years of experience designing and building everything from jewellery to houses. Alvise loves sharing his knowledge and experience with others to help them in their own projects – valuing mistakes made along the way as much moments of insight. His current favourite hobby these days is to build organic, functional custom furniture. In all of his projects, Alvise aims to work with nature and plans for the entire life cycle of his pieces… Leaving no trace being of the utmost importance to him.

About Moose Homestead

Alvise built the home you will see featured in the video below from the ground up – literally digging his own foundation all the way up to the electrical, plumbing, heating, and roofing. Alvise uses solar panels for electricity and a thermo collector for heating, with a wood boiler and mass heater stove to supplement BTUs. He loves wood carving, forging, milling logs, and working with all manner of tools.


Alvise's PDC Experience

Curious what Alvise thought about the Online PDC? Wonder how it has impacted his day to day life? Check out the interview below where Alvise shares his thoughts, opinions, and experiences after having completed the 2020 Summer course.

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Phone: 403 988 0123

Location: Southern Alberta


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