I have done a lot of courses and attended a lot of conferences and this is the most impactful thing I have done.”

~ Ian Griebel on the Adaptive Habitat Design Program

In the following video, Ian Griebel from Redtail Farms talks about how the Adaptive Habitat Design Program completely changed the way that he looks at his land. He gives us a tour of his new design and shares some of his key insights as a result of going through the process. You can learn more about Ian’s full journey in his Adaptive Habitat Feature Alumni Profile HERE.


  • 5:31 “As for most people, our biggest struggle is time and money. The other thing we struggle with clarity in terms of where we are heading.”
  • 6:30 “We were struggling with physical exhaustion, working to the bone—it was affecting family life and spending time with my boys.”
  • 8:27 “ One of the biggest things I got from the course is focusing on simplicity in our lives. I have come out of this looking at how we can do less.”
  • 11:10 “ I am looking my land completely differently now.”
  • 15:04 “Some of the projects that we are doing are very long-term, I am hoping we can pass on a farm that is really flourishing, it will give our kids a lot of ease.”
  • 16:06 “It was actually really easy, it is good for me because I am not a real computer guy.”
  • 16:33 “I put in about 20 hours so far.”
  • 17:00 “I actually thoroughly enjoyed it, everything starts coming together, it was amazing once we started with the water and working through the whole thing, and then suddenly it was clear that this is where we wanted to be.”
  • 17:37 “Moving forward now in this operation, we know what steps we need to take in order to get to where we want to be.”
  • 19:10 “I did not realize how impactful having contour lines were.”
  • 22:45 “ We live in a very dry area, we get 12-15 inches per year. If the weather changes out here, water is going to very important to our survival as it is one of the major weak links for us.”
  • 24:24 “I’ve heard of a lot of permaculture practices, a lot of it did not seem applicable for a large-scale cattle farm, but this course has shown me that it is applicable to large and small scale.”
  • 38:44 “ Specifically, this course is for any landowner, any farmer, this can even be done on small scale, this course is for anyone thinking or farming in a different manner than what we traditionally do on this planet right now.”
  • 41:40 “ I am now super clear.”
  • 47:00 “ I have done a lot of courses and attended a lot of conferences and this is the most impactful thing I have done.”

Interested in Learning More About Ian’s Farm? 

  • Phone: (403) 430-0160
  • Web URL:
  • Email: redtailfarms1(at)
  • Read about Ian’s story at his Adaptive Habitat Alumni Profile HERE

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