Knowing where I want to go makes it’s all so exciting instead of overwhelming.” ~ Brittany Liska on the Adaptive Habitat Design Process

Brittany Liska followed the Adaptive Habitat Design Process, and planned out the design of two quarter sections of raw land that she inherited in Saskatchewan. Brittany wanted to make sure she got it right the first time but was struggling with overwhelm and paralysis by analysis. In the first part of the video, she discusses with Rob & Takota the personal transformation she went through as a result of the process and starting at minute sixteen she provides a virtual tour of the homestead she designed using the Google Earth Pro Design Template.


  • “It really helped me understand what Step 1, what Step 2, in a way that’s going to be able to best support the successful development of my property” (9:10)
  • “Because of the dialogue that we got back & forth with the folks in the group, I was able to get some awesome ideas for things that might work on my land that I wouldn’t have considered otherwise” (9:50)
  • “In the beginning [land design] was more overwhelming than enjoyable. And now I feel like I have an approach that makes it so it feels like it’s productive instead of me spinning my wheels” (12:50)
  • “Narrowing down all those possibilities and saying okay, you can’t do this, you can’t do this, because if you do you are going to be pulling out your hair. Maybe what you want to be doing is this direction. All of that is really helpful when you have a million ideas…”  (22:00)
  • “Once you start playing with Google Maps… it’s so much fun…. […] Be prepared if you are taking this course for it to take over your life a little, in a good way!”
  • “I don’t think [setting goals] would have been achievable without some sort of a system […], I think it probably would have stayed a pipe dream, forever” (30:15)
  • “Being able to be out on the land regularly, starting to catalogue the species and the things that are existing on the land and get just really start to get my feet into this project. That’s what I’m excited about. And knowing where I want to go makes it’s all so exciting instead of overwhelming.”(35:02)

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