The live webinars are definitely going to be a way for students to interact in real-time with the teaching team, and with each other. We highly recommend that you attend if you can.

However, we understand that it may not be possible for you to attend all webinars. And you may have conflicts (or time zone considerations) that prevent you from attending any of them.

As such, we will be recording and uploading all webinars to the student dashboard (please give us ~24 hours). We will timestamp the webinars so that they are easy to navigate and you’ll have access to these recordings indefinitely. We will also provide audio-only files for all webinars.

Our teaching assistants will be monitoring all questions submitted through the student dashboard. They will record your questions and summarize them for our instructors to cover in the live sessions. Getting your questions answered is a huge priority for us. You can help us stay organized by keeping your questions relevant to the topic and posting them under the correct lesson / webinar.

We are confident that even if you can’t catch the live sessions you will still get significant value from our program and you will still feel a part of the live aspect of the course. There is a caveat though – we ask that you keep up with the content and get your questions to us in a timely fashion at we are only monitoring comments until the course ends.

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