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Are you hesitating at the doorway to a permaculture career? 

We’ve got the experts’ tips to get you started…

Presenting… The Growing Good Business Video Series!

We’ve taught hundreds of students in our Permaculture Design Courses, and the biggest question on everyone’s lips as they leave class, bursting with information and ideas is… “How do I turn this into a career?”


Avery Anderson, Quivara Coalition

Paul Kearsley, Terra Phoenix Design

Ryan Harb, Beyond Sustainability

…and many more!

So we’ve set out to become experts in the fine art of business success, prioritizing this aspect of permaculture in our classes and blogs, loading both with business ideas and start-up tips. After all, the more people with successful permaculture careers, the faster we can heal the planet.

In order to provide a definitive guide to making earth repair dreams come true, we travelled to the Permaculture Voices conference in Temecula, CA this past March to interview successful permaculture designers, teachers, farmers and business owners – and find the answer to this ever-common question. 25 interviews later, and we had ourselves a goldmine of advice, ideas, and what-not-to-do’s. The “Growing Good Business” video series is the result of this project, and we’re delighted to share the wealth!

Here we present 3 compilations, with experts across the board – and across the world – sounding off their top tips and advice. From Geoff Lawton, world-renowned permaculture designer and teacher, to Doniga Markegard, holistic management cattle rancher, to Jack Spirko, host of the wildly popular Survival Podcast, to Louis Fox, the filmmaker behind “The Story of Stuff” and “The Meatrix”, we really harvested from some brilliant minds.

(Pssst: We also selected the top nine in-depth interviews, that we’re providing exclusively to our premium PDC students. So have a look at what we found, and if you want the full 3 hours of nitty-gritty knowledge, consider our premium Permaculture Design Certificate!)

Watch Part 1: Success


Stay tuned for:

Part 2: Mistakes & Barriers

Part 3: Opportunities & Ideas

… coming soon!

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  • Jack

    A metric tonne of good thoughts in 20 min. Great stuff from the Verge team as always.


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