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Well we had an absolute blast teaching the Calgary part time PDC this year and it is hard to believe that it is over! During the course we designed the Mustard Seed rooftop garden, surveyed and designed Thompson Small Farm (a neat 20 acre site located in a coulee) and installed a food forest garden for a past student! Most importantly we built a larger community of earth repairers!

We covered a great deal of topics and most importantly how to put the new information to productive use. Topics covered included an in-depth understanding of industrial and ecological systems, methods of creating connected designs, pattern understanding, practical application of pattern into design, climatic factors & creating microclimate, trees and their importance, urban and rural water harvesting strategies, surveying, soil systems, compost, livestock and micro livestock systems, aquaculture and invisible structures!



The last day of the course Jon and Andrea from Thompson Small Farm came to see all of the great designs of their property! Michelle and I were both blown away with the level of detail and thought that went into all of the student projects! And of course, we finished with a party of epic proportion (see photos and stories here)!

A new permaculture company (Southern Alberta Permaculture) has now started and we have heard rumblings of a couple of other enterprises that may come out of the woodwork in the coming months. I have been known to pester people to follow their passion once I catch wind of it. So if you are thinking of starting something and you don’t want to be pestered don’t let me know. There will be a pile of students who join the permablitz network and start working within the Calgary Permaculture Community group. There is one thing for sure, practical positive solutions for a better future are here to stay in Calgary!

Thanks to all of the students that made this course such an amazing experience for us! Keep an eye out for future potlucks and remember to stop back in anytime if you need some inspiration or a refresher!


Here is what some of you said about the course:


“More than worth the price!”

Extremely valuable, inspiring, relevant, and loaded with useful information. More than worth the price!

Cameron White, Burns Lake, BC




“This course would be a great course for anyone on this planet”

“This course would be a great course for anyone on this planet. It divulges a greater understanding that we as humans need to become closer to nature, to understand how all life is dependent and that community will be our survival. It was a pleasure to learn all that I did…. To meet people of like mind and to know that community is being built.”

Jan Butts, Calgary, AB


“Permaculture offers an exciting and engaging vision for human organization and habitat”

Permaculture offers an exciting and engaging vision for human organization and habitat. The knowledge provided by this course has equipped me with positive alternative solutions to the significant problems our society faces. I hope to apply my experience to food security policy issues. Rob and Michelle have developed an organized and structured course; combined with their knowledgeable instruction, the value of the course far surpasses the course fee. Highly recommended.

Joel Laforest, Calgary, AB

“Permaculture is by far the most educationally stimulating course, I have ever taken!”

“ For the fee of the course, it was absolutely yielded within the first weekend of the course time. I intend on becoming an instructor withing the permaculture community. The passion from Rob and Michelle truly inspired me to take the next step. Permaculture is by far the most educationally stimulating course, I have ever taken! Thank you!”

Joshua McWilliam, Calgary, AB

“Worth ten times the cost the charge for this course”

“If you are into growing your own food, harvesting rainwater, composting and getting green, this is the course for you! Rob and Michelle have travelled the world learning Premacultrue and Green Technology – the are so knowledgeable – I enjoyed the time I had with them greatly. Worth ten times the cost the charge for this course”

Samantha Hussey, Calgary, AB

“This class has helped me realize the potential each one of us has to create a better world.”

“This class has helped me realize the potential each one of us has to create a better world. I am filled with possibilities, and that’s an exciting feeling! Now, the work….!”

Heather Zelensky, Duchess, AB



“Best Course Ever!!”

“The ideas and ethics of permaculture are important to learn because it brings a feedback loop back into our daily living. It encourages people to take responsibility for their actions. It reduces the feeling of hopelessness and provides simple solution for real change. Rob and Michelle not only do an amazing job of presenting and applying information but also bring people together and create community.
I would and highly recommend this course to others. When we all start making small adjustments to the way we live, we will create a big change. Best Course Ever!!”

Jessica Kavanaugh, Calgary, AB


“BEWARE: Once you go permaculture, you can never go back”

“Once you complete this course, you’ll realize how impactful permaculture principles are to the way you perceive your world. I was truly inspired by Rob and Michelle and am certain that permacultur will become a large part of my life in the future. I would recommend this course to anyone who is willing to learn about hos to take responsibility for their impact on this planet. BEWARE: Once you go permaculture, you can never go back. The community we’ve built, skills we’ve learned and knowledge we’ve gained are invaluable – taking this course is an excellent investment.”

Julia Mitchell, Toronto, ON








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