From Calgary Backyard to Central Alberta Broad Acre…

You’re invited to tour our new farm!

Situated just west of Pigeon Lake you will find our thriving permaculture property – with many of our systems still being developed for you to witness

As engineers and long-time permaculture designers and teachers, Rob & Michelle have traveled the world to learn about sustainable and regenerative human habitat and have implemented many of these concepts on their property. From greenhouses, gardens, passive irrigation systems, and solar panels, to appropriate technology and a thriving beaver ecology, Rob & Michelle are building their next permaculture demonstration site to teach future generations what they’ve learned.

| Aerial View|

Systems still being developed so the site may look different upon arrival

There are limited dates available! Corral your group of friends and grab your spot quickly or email for more details.

Sure, our farm isn’t fully developed or nicely polished yet, but that just means you get see the nitty gritty process details as they’re happening in real time and you can get a sense of our ongoing decision making processes for you to apply on your own property!

See Below for Available Dates *

  • Friday July 9th, 12pm – 2pm
  • Saturday July 10th, 10am – 12pm
  • Friday August 6th, 12pm – 2pm
  • Saturday August 7th, 10am – 12pm
  • Friday September 10th, 12pm – 2pm
  • Saturday September 11th, 10am – 12pm

* Can’t make it for any of the above times? Email to schedule another date with your group!

You Will See & Learn About:

  • a few core permaculture principles and strategies for energy-efficiency, reducing water use, cycling nutrients, and growing food.
  • our mega productive gardens (with swales, companion planting systems, and more)
  • our newly build passive solar greenhouse with our custom ground to air heat transfer system
  • our water harvesting systems
  • composting systems
  • our root cellar
  • our solar photovoltaic collection system
  • and much much more!

A digital rendering of our permaculture property

There’s no question that you will come out of this tour full of inspiration and ideas for your garden, your property, and your life!


Ben Dunn is a member of our staff who’s been living on site with us since August of 2020. Having taken our first Online PDC that very same year, he bought his first car and drove out from his home in Toronto to wwoof with us. His plan to stay for just one month quickly deteriorated when we offered him an internship, and he’s been here at the farm ever since.

Ben has a keen eye for observation and is a natural systems thinker with a B.A. double major in Psychology and Anthropology out of UBC. He was well known across his campus as a professional tour guide, researcher, events organizer, as well as the president and co-founder of The Leftovers Club – a student group working to divert food waste and reduce food insecurity.

He has a passion for human cultural systems and was originally attracted to Permaculture as a way of re-imagining our human relationships with the natural world and was immediately hooked. Since joining our team, Ben helped to deliver our second online PDC as a teaching assistant, he played a major role in the planning + execution of our BYPP Global Summit, and he is our ongoing media/communications coordinator as well as farm hand when needed.

Ben enjoying our new Building your Permaculture Property Book 😉 

Register here:


*Shipping & taxes (if applicabe) not included. Please also allow 2-3 weeks for backorders to be shipped.


Children attending with a parent or guardian do not need a ticket.

Tours run rain or shine – be prepared (and dressed!) to be outside.



Time: ~2.5 hours with additional time for guest questions
Dates: First and last Saturday of the month from July-October.
Where: Westerose, Alberta (Exact address provided upon booking)

We charge a one-time and up-front fee of $300 for each of our tours.

This is not a major source of income for us – most of this fee goes directly toward Ben’s time to create, run, and manage our tour program.

We also charge a one time fee like this to leave it up to YOU to decide who you want to bring on the tour. You can bring as few, or as many, people as you’d like with you.

Hit the Add To Cart button for your desired date, you’ll be able to adjust the number of tickets required on the checkout page.

Children attending with a parent or guardian do not need a ticket.

Tours run rain or shine – be prepared (and dressed!) to be outside.

  • Extremely valuable, inspiring, relevant, and loaded with useful information. More than worth the price!  

    Cameron White, Burns Lake, BC
    Cameron White, Burns Lake, BC
  • I like Rob's teaching style, lots of technical background mixed with real experiences and memorable stories.

    Amy Kendall, Calgary, AB
    Amy Kendall, Calgary, AB
  • I am excited to develop my garden and help friends and schools with theirs as well. The information on water systems was really well thought out and delivered and really made me consider how I have been looking at properties.

    Michelle Drissler
    Michelle Drissler School garden coordinator
  • Rob is a dynamic, informative speaker who clearly knows his subject matter. As an engineer and an ecologist, Rob offers a unique and refreshing perspective.

    Rob Harlan
    Rob Harlan Solar Energy Society of Alberta
  • I loved the simplicity of the material even though it was packed full of info. Rob was a great speaker with an authentic energy.

    Stephanie Brodsky
    Stephanie Brodsky
  • I can’t remember the last time I felt so inspired! So many things brought together that I knew but didn’t.

    Evonne Smulders
    Evonne Smulders
  • For anyone interested in the health of the planet and their own family, this workshop is a must. It is a terrific first step to gaining an understanding of how they can have impact and benefit from smart design.

    Nolin Veillard
    Nolin Veillard
  • Thank you for the inspiring insight to starting something huge!

    Hannah Webb
    Hannah Webb

There’s no question that you will come out of this tour full of inspiration and ideas for your garden, your home, and your life!


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