Dr. Peter J. CoombesLead Instructor / Engineer / Scientist

Dr. Coombes is a Systems Thinker, Scientist, Engineer, Economist, Problem Solver and Policy Analyst, a provider of alternative perspective, and a designer of sustainable cities, projects and buildings. Peter J. Coombes is a director of Urban Water Cycle Solutions and is currently an editor of the Urban Book of Australian Rainfall and Runoff.

He was awarded the 2018 GN Alexander Medal for scientific contributions to Hydrology and Water Resources and the 2019 Presidents Medal for his role as a lead editor in Australian Rainfall and Runoff. Peter holds a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and degrees in Civil Engineering (honours) and Surveying (Honours). Peter Coombes has also almost completed a B. Econ/Dip. Law qualification.

Peter was most recently the Associate Dean (Education) and Professor of Water Resources Engineering at Southern Cross University. He is a Member of Systems Research Steering Committee at Imperial College London and is an editor the Urban Book of Australian Rainfall and Runoff published by Engineers Australia. He has held senior academic positions at University of Newcastle, University of Melbourne and Swinburne University. Peter was a Chief Scientist in the Victorian Government and recently contributed to inquiries into stormwater management and flooding by the Senate of the Australian Parliament and into water resources by the Productivity Commission.


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