The Verge Permaculture Scholarship Fund

For Permaculture Design Certificate Courses

Scholarships must be received three months before the start date of any course. All scholarships will be reviewed at that time and applicants will be contacted within a week of the scholarship deadline.

Scholarships are sometimes available for students planning to register in our Permaculture Design Course Foundational Package.

Well over $15,000 in scholarships have been awarded to deserving students over the years we’ve been running our courses.

Full scholarships are very limited and reserved for the most deserving of students and circumstances.

Partial scholarships are more widely available, and range from 10 – 50% of the course fee.

All scholarships are subject to an application process:

  1. You can download the scholarship application form by clicking the button below.
  2. Submit the application (instructions included on the form). Feel free to submit supplemental information.
  3. If there is a scholarship available in the course you are applying for, and if we see merit in your application, we will schedule a telephone interview.
  4. Following the telephone interview, we make a decision regarding the scholarship and will communicate that decision to you.


Please also note that scholarship amounts are only applicable towards course tuition, and do not include travel or accommodation expenses.


The following people & organizations have supported the establishment of this scholarship fund:

  • Groundswell Network Society (link)
  • Joan MacKenzie
  • Friends & Family of Bonnie Ann Burnett (link)

Would you like to make a donation to our scholarship fund? 100% of donated amounts are directly handed out in the form of tuition reduction to deserving students. Make your donation here


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