• Founder, Living Soil Solutions
  • Graduated from Verge PDC in 2011
  • Expertise: Compost Teas/Extracts, Soil Building/Soil Biology, Composting/Vermicomposting


Mike grew up in Red Deer with two younger brothers, playing soccer at Red Deer College before transferring over to University of Calgary. Traveling abroad after school changed his perspective on the world and the environment. Returning to make Calgary his home base, Mike worked in everything from finance to driving a school bus, to being a rep for Jack Daniels. But through it all, he was constantly flexing his entrepreneurial muscles, pursuing unconventional projects and interesting opportunities. The big switch came when Mike moved into a place with the space for a garden.

Taking a Beginner’s Gardening Course through the Calgary Horticultural Society, Mike was introduced to the word “Permaculture”. This was exactly the knowledge and knowhow that Mike sought, and the rest is history. After signing up for his PDC and learning about greenhouses, SPIN farming, composting, herbology and many other topics, Mike saw that soil was something that people kept having questions about. So Living Soil Solutions was born. Working to realize the business has been both challenging and rewarding; Mike loves to share his passion for soil when presenting or when consulting a client. His favourite expression – “All starts in the soil.”



Living Soil Solutions uses natural methods to transform tired and dead dirt back into living and fertile soils. It steps away from conventional ways of growing and brings traditional solutions with modern methods back to the mainstream.

Living Soil Solutions is looking to build a community of growers that work with nature, not against, in a safe and non-toxic manner. LSS is proud to collaborate with the Calgary Horticultural Society, the Green Thumbs Program, Sunnyside Hillhurst Farmers Market and Earthly Matters, bringing nutritious food back to the table and promoting safe environments for children and By using high quality composts and vermicomposts, Mike works to infuse a diversity of microbiota back into the soil food web and bring balance to backyards or back forties. Whether you’re a client with serious growing issues or a school filled with curious students, Living Soil Solutions can help you understand the importance of life that exists in all soils and work to restore those natural living nutrients. Education is a vital part of what Living Soil Solutions does and Mike constantly strives to make learning both entertaining and interactive.

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