Is Permaculture Design Your Pathway?

Join us on May 14th for an Introduction to Permaculture

What Is Permaculture Design?

How Does It Work?

What Are Your Next Steps?

Introduction to Permaculture

Live, Interactive Online Webinar

May 14th, 2024
4:30PM-6PM MT | 6:30PM-8PM ET | 3:30PM-5PM PT

You believe in the earth-healing power of permaculture, but the pathway to practicing it is unclear. Our introductory webinar provides the overview you’ve been looking for. Learn the basics of permaculture design live online from leading industry experts.

free range chickens enjoying apples that have fallen to the ground

Find inspiration, hope, and real
solutions for our planet’s future!

Verge’s live, online introductory webinar immerses you in the promise and potential of permaculture design. We’ll provide a high-level overview of how permaculture makes it possible to . . .

❏ Design gardens and farms that mirror natural, self-sustaining ecosystems.

❏ Regenerate healthy soil and grow abundant food.

❏ Build resilient, clean water supplies on your property.

❏ Find a low-stress approach to integrating animals on your property.

❏ Build a homestead with cutting-edge clean tech, natural building techniques, and renewable energy.

❏ Follow clear, simple principles and tactics that demystify permaculture design.

❏ And so much more!

Explore the power of permaculture
without committing to a Permaculture Design Course!

For most people trying to learn about permaculture design, there doesn’t seem to be a way to wrap their mind around it without leaping into a full, 72-hour long PDC (Permaculture Design Course). PDC’s are lengthy, intense courses designed for committed students, and you should have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the basics of permaculture design before taking that step.


Verge’s Introductory Webinar is the ideal first
step in your permaculture design journey.

Spend a few hours learning the basics before you invest months in a full design course.


1. Introductory Webinar

In this live, online overview of
permaculture design, you’ll learn about
its inspiring, world-changing potential
and the basics of how it works.


2. The Permaculture Design Course

If you choose to move forward, the live, on-site to online Verge Permacutlure Design Course serves as your foundation for life as a permaculturist.


3. Verge Academy

After the Permaculture Design Course, the Verge Academy guides your next steps with in-depth masterclasses, a vast resource library, and community support.

What’s Covered in the Webinar?

Experience a fundamental shift in your understanding of how our ecosystems function and find a pathway to
a hopeful future! By the end, you’ll understand what it means to be a permaculturist!

What Is Permaculture?

Understand this alternative perspective
on agriculture: how it simplifies and
solves the problems facing our planet.

Ecosystem Dynamics

Learn how permaculture follows nature’s own
design to create resilient ecosystems and
abundant life on a property

Basic Principles of Design

Plunge into the mindset of a designer
and learn about the essential
components of a successful project.

Live Q&A with Instructors!

You won’t just sit and listen. This is an
interactive, online experience with a
leading expert in permaculture design!

urban gardeners talking around a raised bed with tomatoes growing out of it

Who benefits from Verge’s
Introductory Webinar?

Verge Permaculture’s online, interactive webinars support a diverse community. For the last 15 years, we’ve supported more than 15,000 registrants from more than 30 different nations.

● Homesteaders wanting to create a better life for their family and community.

● Business Owners applying permaculture principles to their products and services

● Aspiring Professionals pursuing a permaculture-related career

● Urban Homeowners and Renters eager to make a difference

● Community Leaders with a vision of serving others

Passionate Learners trying to find their path forward!

Meet Our Students!


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