Since 2010 We’ve Helped Hundreds of Students Create Thriving Properties With Our 5-Step Land Design Process…

Now Join Us As We Apply Our Proven Process To Our Own Rural Property!

Your own land. Out in the country, off the grid. Growing your own food, harvesting your own water. Restoring the land for the next generation. It’s been on your mind for – how long now?  And maybe you’ve been doing your research, learning the skills…

And you’ve been wondering: What does it involve – really? What are the hidden challenges and secret surprises nobody talks about? How do you deal with all the what-if’s?

Well – we took the leap! In November 2019 we moved to a glorious 160-acre wooded property in central Alberta, Canada, and we’re now putting our proven 5-step Adaptive Habitat Land Design process into action.

Join us as we walk through all the questions we ask our clients, as we retrofit a vintage home and design and create a permaculture farm on this land – along with managing a business and a family!

We’ll be posting videos of our journey here, distilling every challenge, opportunity, and obstacle to actionable steps that you can apply in your own life. And we have a book in the works, due for publication late 2020 (more on that later!).

Here are some of the tools that will get you started….


Completely free!

The Self-Study program introduces you to our five-step Land Design process, and includes:

  • One-week e-course, delivered via email.
  • Access to five video case-studies (4+ hours) of past Adaptive Habitat Program projects.
  • Instructions on how to import a contour map for designing your property in Google Earth.
  • The Adaptive Habitat Tool for Google Earth Pro


Completely free!

Is your property suitable for the uses you have in mind?

Our free tool generates a contour map for you to preview.

If you like what you see, you can subscribe to our Contour Map Basic Generator.


Your subscription includes:

  • The ability to download a KML file (for import into Google Earth Pro)
  • Three days of unlimited access to the tool and unlimited downloads

If you’re dreaming of going off the grid or building your own regenerative property, you won’t want to miss an episode of this video series. Join us as we make the land design journey real, right here.

See you soon!

Rob & Michelle


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