Contour Map Generator | Mapping Tool

$19.99 CAD

Since 2019, farmers, ranchers, land designers and developers have been turning to Verge Permaculture’s Contour Map Generator for simple, affordable and user-friendly topographic maps that can be imported to Google Earth Pro for real-world understanding of a property.

Now, the CMG Comprehensive Map Bundle goes beyond mere contours and into advanced topography to give you multiple unique views of your property for placing water features, access, and structures….without spending a fortune in surveyors’ fees.

Just select the area you want to map, create your map with the click of a button, and generate the KML file to import to Google Earth Pro. Then, select the Comprehensive Map Bundle purchase option and the link to 10 downloadable layers of deep-dive contour information is sent to you either within a few hours (expedited) or within 24 hours for extra savings. Your contour map and KML file are yours, forever…along with a free online training to get you up to speed quickly!

Just looking for a simple, inexpensive peek at your property? Check out the Basic Contour Map option, with just one layer of at-a-glance information, starting at $19.99 CAD