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We don't just talk about Permaculture, we live it! In less than 10 years, Rob & Michelle Avis left Calgary’s oil fields and retooled their engineering careers to help clients and students design integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and regenerating the land. They are now leading the next wave of permaculture education, teaching career-changing professionals to become eco-entrepreneurs with successful regenerative businesses. Learn more and connect with Rob & Michelle at
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Permaculture vs. Organic Gardening | What is the difference?

While often conflated with Permaculture, organic gardening and Permaculture are not the same thing and, in this video, Rob clarifies that distinction. Permaculture emerged as a response to industrial agriculture back in the 70s and has since spawned designers, consultants, farmers, and designers all around the world. It is a vast space that is inclusive of different forms of practice, of which organic gardening is just one of many. --- EDUCATION --- Passive Solar Greenhouse Design Course: Essential Rainwater Harvesting Course: Permaculture Design Certification: Build Your Permaculture Property: https://www.mypermacultureproperty.... Contour Map Generator: --- BOOKS --- Essential Rainwater Harvesting: A Guide to Home-Scale System Design: Building your Permaculture Property: A 5-Step Process to Design & Develop Land: https://www.mypermacultureproperty.... --- CONNECT WITH US --- Meet the Verge Team: Website: Build Your Permaculture Property: https://www.mypermacultureproperty.... Ideas on the Verge Podcast: Building your Permaculture Property Podcast: Facebook: FREE RESOURCES: As a special gift when you subscribe to our newsletter is that we’ll send you the link to download our drop-dead-gorgeous Blog Book: 50 breathtaking magazine-style pages of our most popular blog posts and articles over the past five years, from permaculture ABCs to property-buying, home design, eco-investing, and community retrofitting. Sign-up: Why should you reserve a place in your inbox for Verge’s newsletters? One reason: because we challenge the headlines and cultural paradigms with a whole different kind of alternative fact: Permaculture-inspired businesses can succeed – and restore the planet. And we’ll show you how to do it.

Highlight Reel (3/3) | Hope, Knowledge, and a PLAN | Verge Online Permaculture Summit Oct 15, 16, 17

All the permaculture principles and empowerment in the world may be wonderful, but they won’t do much good if they’re never put into action, right? And for that you need a strategic, practical method to implement permaculture designs into lush, green reality. See some quick snapshots of successful PLANS here, through inspiring clips from Verge Permaculture’s recent Global Summit. Hear from Verge instructors and permaculture experts including Warren Brush, Penny Livingston, Andrew Millison, and Carmen Lamoureux about the approaches they used to create and maintain food forests, regenerative farms, farming businesses, community action programs, and more! ________________ Are you imagining what you could do with your property and career if you had your own permaculture plan? Then take the next step - check out the Verge Permaculture Design course and learn how you can use its methods and strategies to transform your own life, property, and community!

Regenerating the Planet by 2047 | Rob Avis | Hope, Knowledge, Plan Summit 2021

After pursuing international training and certifications in renewable energy and regenerative design Rob, along with his wife and business partner Michelle, began Verge Permaculture, now a globally-recognized and award-winning design, consulting, and education company. In the last decade, they’ve helped more than 3000 students and a growing number of clients to design and/or create integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and regenerating the land. Now, Rob has partnered with a cryptocurrency company to incentivize land regeneration with tangible economic outcomes along with his team at Fifth World. This is the first piece of news to publicized about Fifth World and their goals. If you want to learn more from Rob and the team at Verge Permaculture, join us in our upcoming Permaculture Design Certification Course. If you want to stay up to date with news about Verge & Fifth World, sign up for our newsletter.

Create Resilience & Abundance w/ Urban Permaculture | Carmen Lamoureux | Hope, Knowledge, Plan 2021

Owner and founder of Calgary’s Urban Farm School and the Urban Permaculture Project, Carmen is dedicated to helping emerging gardeners and permaculture enthusiasts gain the freedom, confidence and skills they need to live more abundant and resilient lives. Having grown food organically for almost 5 decades, Carmen gets excited about helping others cultivate great food, and in turn, great selves, as she believes this is “key to bringing each of us up to a level of responsible maturity and wisdom necessary for creating a more beautiful and connected world”. To learn from Carmen, along with a team of recognized Permaculture Professionals from across North America, join us in our upcoming online PDC! To recognize the time you are taking to learn more about the benefits of Permaculture, we want to give you a special offer. Follow the URL below and use the code PDCFALL2021 to get $100 off a PDC package of your choice.

Highlight Reel (2/3) | Hope, KNOWLEDGE, and a Plan | Verge Online Permaculture Summit Oct 15, 16, 17

“Am I doing a good enough job of taking care of this planet? And if not, how can I be doing better?” If you’re like us, you find yourself pondering this question on a weekly, if not daily basis! It’s a question that we here at Verge have dedicated our lives to answering…but it’s not one any of us can answer alone. So, in addition to hosting an annual Permaculture Design Course to explore this question, ➡ ⬅ we asked 16 Permaculture experts to share their Knowledge about how they’ve been actively making the planet a better place in our recent online summit, Hope, Knowledge, and a Plan, and we compiled the best clips here to provide you with ideas and inspiration. But what is Permaculture, you ask? Permaculture is a design tool that combines ancient and new approaches to yield proven results in land regeneration, renewable energy, infrastructure development, food security, community resiliency, and much more… But unfortunately, many are still in the dark without Knowledge about what it is and how to use it in what they do.... And that is exactly what we teach you in our Permaculture Design Course. With more than half a century of collective experience between all the instructors in our teaching team, we provide you with the Knowledge, the hard-skills, and the design tools you’ll need to succeed, in any climate, any ecosystem, anywhere around the world. Are you feeling like you’re ready to start making positive ecological and social change? Click the link below to take your first step and learn more. ➡

Can Permaculture Feed the World? | Takota Coen | Hope, Knowledge, Plan Summit 2021

Takota Coen is a renowned permaculture designer, consultant, author, and educator across Canada and the United States. He is the co-owner of Coen Farm, and one of the lead instructors for our internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification Course (PDC). Takota has spent the better part of this past decade working to answer the question posed in the title, and we'll leave you to watch his video to learn the answer 😉 To learn from Takota, along with a team of Permaculture Professionals from across North America, join us in our upcoming online PDC! To recognize the time you are taking to learn more about the benefits of Permaculture, we want to give you a special offer. Follow the URL below and use the code PDCFALL2021 to get $100 off a PDC package of your choice.

Our World Renowned Permaculture Design Course Starts Nov 18 - Are You Joining Us?

Over 1,000 people have taken our Permaculture Design Course - the majority leaving with raving reviews and many with life-changing stories for how the course set them on the right path and how it was crucial for starting their various Permaculture-inspired businesses. Are you ready to live a more sustainable, connected, and meaningful life? 🌿 Are you ready for the knowledge, tools, skills needed to turn your dreams into reality? 🌎 Our Permaculture Design Course brings you a line-up of professional designers, consultants, authors, and educators to teach YOU how to transform your yard, property, and neighborhood into a regenerative and vibrant space. Learn more by following the link below: ➡ ⬅ But DON"T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT. Check out the URL below to read and watch stories of our past students to see how our Permaculture Design Course has changed their lives and launched their new careers. ➡ ⬅ If you watched this video and read this whole description, we appreciate you and we want to reward you for your time..... You can use the code PDCFALL2021 to get $100 off your cost of registration.

Highlight Reel (1/3) | HOPE, Knowledge, and a Plan | Online Permaculture Summit Oct 15, 16, 17

If you're like us, you're all about making a practical, positive difference, right here, right now. You're shaking your head as you watch reports of world leaders gathering for the 26th time to try to piece together a plan to fight climate change, and you're thinking: "The world needs action now, not watered-down resolutions - so what can we, the people, do? How can I gain the knowledge and skills to restore the land and protect my property, my community against the impacts of climate change?" If this sounds familiar – we hope you benefit from these eye-opening clips from Day 1 of our recent online summit, Hope, Knowledge, and a Plan, in which 16 Permaculture experts shared stories of the difference that they’re making around the world…and revealed how you can make a difference of your own! Day 1 was all about HOPE. Hope is about moving beyond a simple awareness of the damage we cause to the environment as a species, and toward a realization that it is within OUR ability to make a truly regenerative difference. In this ‘first-world’ culture, society half-heartedly urges us to be more ‘sustainable’. But because we live in a consumer-driven economy, profit takes priority over ecosystem health (even though ALL the products, goods, and foods we consume come from the earth). Permaculture gives you a way to do more than just ‘sustain’ – you learn how to ‘regenerate’: how to orient your actions to make things better than they were before. You learn to act in consideration of the lives that will continue long after yours. And we at Verge can teach you the principles, science-based explanations, and practical tools and examples to understand how all this works; and then how put it in action in your life. HOPE is about understanding that you are not alone; there are others out there who have felt the same way you do, and whose world-changing work began with the same opportunity that is open to you now. Regardless of your current situation, there are steps you can take to lead a more purposeful and meaningful life and career, and you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re starting to feel more hopeful as you imagine using Permaculture to create positive ecological and social change in your community, city, nation and world - then click the link below to take your first step and learn more! Learn how to make a difference: --- CONNECT WITH US --- Meet the Verge Team: Website: Ideas on the Verge Podcast: Building your Permaculture Property Podcast:
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