Enjoy Nutrient Dense Food Year Round

Rob Avis and 5 Experts Gather to Share Tools and Tactics You Can Use to

Design and Build Your Own Passive Solar Greenhouse 

and Harvest Free, Fresh Food at Home Year-Round,

Even in Cold & Temperate Climates!

Saturday March 19, 2022 | Starts 8:30am MT


You’ll be hearing from Rob Avis and …

carmen lamoureux is the lead instructor for the latest verge masterclass course and runs urban farm school
Carmen Lamoureux: Small GH Strategies for Optimizing Your Harvest
Dean Sopher: Business and Self Sufficiency with Passive Solar Greenhouses
Jeremy Zoller: Designing and Planning Multi-use Greenhouse Spaces
Dong Jianyi: Cold Climate Greenhouse Businesses
Kalista Pruden: Season Extension Methods + Preservation and Storage
Bob Sharp: Arctic Greenhouses

Stop worrying about a short growing season.

Escape the grocery supply-chain woes.
Forget the high-priced, pale winter tomatoes
and tasteless imported fruit.
See a healthy, delicious life ahead as these international experts share proven solutions for designing and building passive solar greenhouses for nutrient-dense food year-round – even if you’re in a cold climate!

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4 Season Food Security Summit Kick-Off

Join your hosts, Rob Avis and Mitch Rawlyk as they kick-off the summit and welcome our guest speakers.

08:30 – 09:00 am MT

carmen lamoureux is the lead instructor for the latest verge masterclass course and runs urban farm school

Carmen Lamoureux: Short-Season, Cold-Climate Strategies for Resilience and Abundance

What does 4-season food security look like to you? Understanding the foundational requirements for attaining 4-season food security allows us to implement strategies that work for our specific context. In this session, Carmen will discuss these key considerations and provide some practical wisdom for short-season cold-climate production. Season-extension strategies, including greenhouses, play a key role in helping us attain our goals of optimizing yield in northern climates, supporting 4-season food security and nurturing greater levels of health and well-being.

09:00 – 10:30 am MT


Rob Avis: Best Practices and Design Features for Passive Solar Greenhouses

In this talk Rob will walk you through the very best of what he’s learned over the past 10 years of building and designing leading edge passive solar greenhouses. Topics will include climate batteries and greenhouse automation.

10:45 am – 12:15 pm MT


Dean Sopher: Business and Self Sufficiency with Passive Solar Greenhouses

Arkopia is a multifaceted farm, homestead, YouTube channel, and company in Saskatchewan, Canada, providing flowers and food directly to local customers, and outsourced freeze dried food to everyone. Experts in building, passive solar greenhouse (and houses), self sufficiency, preparedness, freeze drying, homesteading, and more.

12:30 – 2:00 pm MT


Bob Sharp: Arctic Greenhouses

Bob will share his 40+ years of experience of  building greenhouse in the arctic. This has allowed him and his family to extends their growing season by about two months at minimal operational costs.

2:15 – 3:45 pm MT


Jeremy Zoller: Designing and Planning Multi-use Spaces

Jeremy will give an introduction to Highfield Farm Project’s, 3 pillars: Land Revitalization, Nutrient Dense Food Production, Community Building
He will discuss their greenhouse project including details on the grant they received and installation. He will also chat about passive rainwater harvesting, storage & disbursement, climate battery (design and installation), active & passive eating systems, venting system design & installation, access planning & multi-use space design, growing systems including soil, hydroponics, aquaponics & aeroponics, as well as crop design, companion planting & seasonal planning.

4:00 – 5:30 pm MT


Kalista Pruden: Food Preservation for Four Season Food Security

Food preservation as an essential component of maintaining your food supply year round.

5:45 – 7:00 pm MT


Dong Jianyi: Cold Climate Greenhouse Businesses

Verge’s Mitch Rawlyk and Rob Avis will interview Dong Jianya, and chat about the challenges of setting up a large scale passive solar greenhouse based enterprise in cold climates.

7:15 – 8:45 pm MT


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