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Verge Academy Members Learn Skills to Make Good Decisions

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Academy Members know how to make major design and build decisions

Our students learn skills to deal with conflicting priorities

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Your Connection to the Academy Expires July 19, 2023.

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  • Audio-only content for offline mobile listening
  • Collaborative design clinics for peer-to-peer inspiration
  • A growing, curated Vault of videos, articles, podcasts, and more
  • A lively community of permaculture practitioners, on a private proprietary platform
  • plus new benefits we will be adding each year

Continue Your Permaculture Journey with the Verge Academy

You might have initially joined the Academy to create a mini-food forest on your urban lot, or to purchase land for a homestead. Maybe your goal was to start your own permaculture consultancy. Wherever you are in your journey, the Academy gives you live, direct access to the experts and answers you need.

Our well-trained and diverse Verge Academy instructors design curriculum to fit your needs today and tomorrow so you can grow at your own pace.

Don’t Miss the Next Masterclass With One of Our Best Loved Teachers, Stefan Sobwokiak.

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With your PDC Pro Package period ending July 19, Perennial Plant Propagation will be your last Masterclass. To continue with access to Advanced Home Orcharding and all your Academy benefits, you have two options:


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