The Online PDC is drawing to a close – where do you go from here?

After the intensity of a Permaculture Design Course, implementing your learning can be a lonely process…and, feeling as if the one thing you know is how much you don’t!

We know that feeling well! The PDC is a starting point for a lifetime of permie-discovery, akin to a college degree…it gives you a start in the direction you want to take. And we’re ready to support you on that journey!

Whether you’re looking to practice permaculture in your own backyard, or envisioning a regional consultancy, this program is set up to suit your vision.

These upgrades are only available until November 16th, 2023. You will not be able to upgrade your PDC package after this date.

| The Pro Package Upgrade |

Do you want to take a deep dive into permaculture, ultimately building a regenerative farm or consulting business?

 The Pro Package is for you if you’re seriously committed to building a livelihood in permaculture. It includes:

Permaculture Pro Permaculture Design Drawing with teal pencil
  • Access to Office Hours
  • Lifetime access to Course recordings
  • 12-months access to the Verge Permaculture Academy
  • Come back and audit the PDC Course for a second time!

$700 + tax

$700.00 CADAdd to cart

From Homesteading to community resilience, from building a business to growing a food forest – this package covers it all. A lifetimes worth of training, for an insanely affordable, one-time investment!

Kick Start Your Permaculture Life Now!

Want to Chat With Us About It?

If you have any questions at all, and want to understand if an upgrade might be a fit for you, join us for a LIVE session by registering HERE.


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