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Do you want to make a BIG difference in the world growing food, working with nature, getting off the grid, heating your home…or even building your own home!?


Check out this amazing, free online 3-day event on October 1-3 called Your Future in Farming & Homesteading, where I am 1 of 12 speakers sharing my best advice for new practitioners looking to re-design their lives…or at least give them a makeover.

My wife, Michelle Avis, showing off her backyard bounty at our small urban lot in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


During the event, I’m going to be giving a live interview about how to design / build a solar greenhouse. I’ll talk about setting goals, some design Rules of Thumb, learnings from our project and will leave time for Q&A from listeners.

Here I am standing in our 800 ft2 solar greenhouse. Notice the Rocket Mass Heated cob bench on the left hand side.


 But there are also going to be many other wicked speakers with lots of science and entrepreneurial lessons to bring right into your home. Here’s the full list:

  • Stacey Murphy, HOST: Backyard Farming for Community Resilience
  • Leda Meredith: Wild Food – Herbivores Can Hunt Too
  • Janell Kapoor: Using Dirt to Build Community
  • Rob Avis LIVE: Your How-to Manual for Passive Solar Greenhouses
  • Andrew Faust: Designing Your Life with Permaculture
  • Paul Wheaton: Bricks to Build a Better World
  • Meg Paska LIVE: Natural Beekeeping
  • Kevin Egolf: How to Structure a Land Agreement
  • Bee Ayer: Finding an Apprenticeship that’s Right for You
  • Molly Culver LIVE: Growing Soil: Soil Science Basics for Organic Growers
  • Brian Rosa: Scaling Up Compost Operations


Click on over to sign up for your spot and you’ll receive all the event details.



Rob Avis


p.s. folks who have been asking for a greenhouse update from me- here is your chance!

p.p.s. for those of you looking for the catch (nothings free, right?) – if you decide that you absolutely loved the virtual conference, you’ll be able to purchase the recordings for later listening. But the live delivery of the virtual conference, from October 1 – 3 is totally pro-bono! 

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  • Greg

    When will you have your greenhouse book available for sale?

  • Karen Horn

    Rob — Awesome presentation yesterday on solar greenhouses! How can I buy the book you mentioned for DIY builders?

    • Rob Avis

      Karen, We don’t have it for sale on our site yet, but we will likely have a copy for sale in a month or so. Thanks for the kind words.

  • Anne French

    am I too late to sign up

    • Rob Avis

      You can sign up and listen for the next 48 hours, but it is not live. You can also buy the MP’s and listen to it when you have time. The free listening will only be available for 48 hours after the presenation.


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