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Adaptive Habitat Contour Map Generator

The Adaptive Habitat Contour Map Generator allows you to generate a contour map file (KML) for anywhere in the world, in a format that can than be easily imported into Google Earth Pro.

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Essential Rainwater Harvesting – Online Course

BETA LAUNCH JANUARY 2020! This course contains 6 modules and live webinars over the course of 6 weeks.

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Adaptive Habitat Self-Study Program

Learn our five step process to design and manage your permaculture property.

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Adaptive Habitat Guided & Guaranteed Program

This ever-expanding treasure-trove contains the program overview, course content, pre-recorded videos, resources, links and more!

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Essential Rainwater Harvesting – Webinar Access & Recordings

The live webinars are recorded and uploaded here.

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Verge 2019 Open Yard Information

As engineers and long-time permaculture designers and teachers, we’ve traveled the world to learn about sustainable and regenerative human habitat and have implemented many of these concepts on our property. We’ve been transforming our inner-city home into a permaculture demonstration site since 2009, and are thrilled to show you what we’ve done!

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PDC Digital Resource Library

This digital library contains a digital copy of all slides, handouts and 30+ additional resources, available only to students registered in any level of our Permaculture Design Courses.

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Growing Good Business Series

We interviewed successful permaculturists for advice on launching a permaculture career. Experts from across the board – and around the world – let us in on their secrets to success.

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Passive Solar Greenhouse Case Studies

In this nine part video series (with 3+hours of professional footage), engineer & ecologist Rob Avis travels over 500 kms from the Canadian Rockies to the Alberta prairies to visit five different Passive Solar greenhouses (PSGHs). He shares learnings and provides commentary on what has worked well, and not so well from a design and growing perspective.

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Resilient Homes & Homesteads: A Permaculture Engineer’s Perspective

Engineer, ecologist & permaculture designer Rob Avis shares the high-level process he uses with clients to design homesteads that leverage and interact with the environment in which they’re built, producing their own energy and food, harvesting and storing water, cycling nutrients, and restoring the surrounding ecosystems.

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Verge Vault (Exclusive Videos & E-products)

Bonus materials available only to students in our premium Permaculture Design Course package.

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Full PDC Course Lectures on Video

The full PDC course lectures on video are only available to students registered in our Premium and Professional Development levels of our Permaculture Design Course.

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Introduction to Passive Solar Greenhouse Design

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Permaculture Primer – Unlimited Access

PDC students: Please make sure you watch these video lessons before Day 1 of your PDC.

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Everything You Need to Know About Your PDC

If you are registered in our Permaculture Design Course - START HERE! This module outlines everything you need to know: when, where, what to bring, how to prepare and more!

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Permaculture Primer

To share our world-changing answer to the question everybody’s asking us, we’re offering the first session of our Permaculture Design Certificate program in six provocative videos… for a price that’s practically pocket-change! Sample our PDC right here!

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