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After receiving rave reviews from our Edmonton friends we have decided to share our FREE presentation on how we are transforming our little Calgary urban lot into an eco-paradise!


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Hey Calgarians!

For the last five years we have been working hard to convert our Calgary inner city home into a thriving permaculture project complete with a front yard food forest, water-harvesting features, abundant food production, compost-making, a solar greenhouse, low-maintenance veggie gardens, greywater, natural building material demonstrations, and even energy retrofits on the house (including a brand new solar hot water system). We’ve learned a lot, had many successes (and a few failures), and more than anything else are excited to be sharing our story.


September 2008 - BEFORE August 2010 - AFTER

Front Yard Before (Sept 2008) & After (Aug 2011)


Back Yard Before (Sept 2008) & After (Aug 2011)


Please join us as we share stories, photos and learnings from our urban transformation project.

Permaculture (“permanent” + “culture” + “agriculture”) provides a big-picture perspective, using nature’s patterns and rules as a basis for designing your home, backyard garden, community commons, and municipal streets and parkways.

This event is FREE but once we nail down all of the details you will have to register online so that we don’t exceed room capacity. This is a great opportunity for all you folks out there with questions for Rob, he will be available for a Q & A session after the presentation.

For more information about our project, see check out the resources and links below:

Read more about our project on past blogs:

And lastly, see our You Tube Channel for videos about our project:

We look forward to seeing you!

Rob & Michelle Avis
Verge Permaculture

A little more about Us:

We started Verge Permaculture with the belief that many people today are keenly aware of a need for change and care deeply about the planet and their communities but feel powerless to do anything to make a difference. When informed about a diverse and deepening scope of positive, practical & effective solutions people become inspired and empowered change-makers in their communities.

Based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we teach sustainable and ecological design, permaculture and offer workshops and consulting across Western Canada. We love to connect with like-minded folks and share our passion and vision.


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  • Valarie Kraft

    Hi Michelle and Rob. It is wonderful to follow your progress in Verge Permaculture. Congratulations!
    Remember me? I lived in Nakusp and hosted one of your talks in my basement. Then, I came to a talk at the Canoe Club in Calgary.
    Recently, I started teaching Grade 9 Science at Sir Wilfrid Laurier School for the Calgary Board of Education. The first unit is on Biodiversity, which is a new concept for the students. They are now researching issues concerning biodiversity in Calgary and planning simple, can-do action steps which a 14 year old can put in place.
    Do you have any website recommendations for biodiversity at this level?
    Valarie Kraft


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