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Testimonials are incredibly valuable and useful for us. Thank-you immensely for taking the time to provide one!

Video Testimonial

The first option is to record a video testimonial. Upload it to your own channel, or send one of us the file and we will upload it to ours. Providing a video testimonial is incredibly appreciated. Here are some examples of what past students have done:

Written Testimonial

A short sentence or two, describing the value you received, what you gained or appreciated about the program is also requested. We use these throughout our website.

  • Javan's impact on my professional life has been critical to my success. He has a unique ability to perceive opportunities and to provide sound feedback. It's apleasure working with such a down-to-earth mentor and friend.

    Tim Wickstrom
    Tim Wickstrom Reforged Ironworks
  • Since being engaged with Rob and Javan in this mentorship process, we have gleamed too many gems to mention them all here. One of which has been a total shift in our sales process when speaking to prospective clients. Through the new intake process we developed from this mentorship, we have now increased our design/diagnosis rates by 50% - 300% and created ease and clarity with each new client we interact with.

    Nick Poeta
    Nick Poeta Edible Landscapes Design
  • Investing in this course has been without a doubt the best investment our business had made. It has brought our team together in ways that we are just beginning to reap the benefits of, and the future looks very bright. Thank you Javan and Rob for sharing so much of yourselves!

    Joshua Wagler
    Joshua Wagler Edible Landscapes Design
  • The value gained for early and mid-stage entrepreneurs from this program is significant. Rob and Javan are incredibly generous with their expertise, sharing from their own failures, and providing powerful tools to leverage your business profitability now. I highly recommend this dynamic program

    N. Arajs
    N. Arajs Victoria, BC
  • This program has already been worth much more then investment I made in signing up. I know the lessons will continue to influence how I run my businesses for the rest of my life meaning that it has been invaluable to me. I wish I could have had this kind of mentorship 5 years ago.

    Marc deMontigny
    Marc deMontigny Measure and Sprout Design
  • The mentorship provided by both Rob and Javan has been invaluable to our growth. My recommendation for other entrepreneurs and leaders is to view your accountability partner as if you own a part of their business. Learn how their processes work who they are and what motivates them everyday. This is the chance dive into someone else's business with an all inclusive pass and be ready for them do the same! This expands your capacity to learn and build on solutions something I would never receive without this important element of our personal regeneration.

    Carleton Gruger
    Carleton Gruger Gruger Family Fungi

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