referral partner / affiliate application

Thank-you for your interest in promoting our Regenerative Business Mentorship Program.


When a student, referred by you, purchases a spot in the course, you will receive a 10% commission. The referral is tracked via a specific url that is generated custom for you.

Note that if the student pays via three part subscription plan, your account will be credited 10% after each successful transaction / payment.


  • Tracking cookies expire in 60 days
  • On approximately the summer solstice and the winter equinox, (i.e 2 times per year), we will calculate commission amounts for the prior six months.
  • There are then two options for payments: (i) a check in CAD funds can be issued & mailed to you,  (ii) we can transfer amounts owed to you via Paypal, (iii) we can send you a direct bank transfer.
  • Note that Paypal fees or wire transfer fees will be deducted from your commissions. Select cheque option during your account set-up if you’d prefer not to pay fees.
  • We reserve the right to modify commission percentages, pricing, offerings, and any term of the affiliate program at any time. You will be immediately notified of such changes.


When you sign up you’ll get access to our referral partner control centre where you will be able to:

  • Access promotional tools such as banners, ad copy, and customized links to make any promotional efforts super easy.
  • Ability to as well as view statistics and payout information.

Thanks again for your willingness to tell people about what we do, and sharing information about our program.

Rob & Javan


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