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We keep our favorite videos here, in our exclusive Video Vault, which is available only to students registered in our Premium level Permaculture Design Course.


We keep our favorite videos here, in our exclusive Video Vault, which is available only to students registered in our Premium level Permaculture Design Course.

Growing Good Business Video Series

Over 2.5 hours of interviews with permaculture experts and budding entrepreneurs…

In 2007 we first watched – and were completely awestruck by – Geoff Lawton’s “Greening the Desert” videos. Once the information sunk in, and the inspiration struck, we knew we couldn’t spend our lives working in the oil and gas industry. Permaculture was the positive, regenerative path forward we’d be looking for, and all we could think about was, “how do we make this our life?”

Since at the time in Calgary, Canada, no one was really talking about permaculture, we had to look elsewhere for wisdom on moving forward. It didn’t take much time or convincing for a plan to be hatched: we’d travel the world to discover how other people were using regenerative design in their lives, communities, and careers. An internship at the pioneering Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy in Denmark, volunteering at the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia, a cross-continental vegetable-oil fueled van trip, and three completed Permaculture Design Courses in three different countries, were just a few of our research adventures.

Fast forward a handful of years later… we have taught over 1000 students and have an internationally recognized design and education business. We get asked all the time by students and career-changing professionals alike: “What does it take to be successful in permaculture?”; and “How do I start my own business?”.

As the questions roll in, we’ve realized just how valuable the business side of permaculture is. Knowing how to start and run a business – and what not to do – is as critical for the sustainability and growth of the permaculture movement as the technical skills we all learn in our PDCs.

So, taking every opportunity we can to learn about building a business to share with our students, we formed a little film crew and headed down to the inaugural Permaculture Voices conference in Temecula, California this past March. Our mission: to interview leading permaculture designers, teachers, farmers and business owners and get their top tips on permaculture business success.

The result was over 25 interviews, with over 2.5 hours of footage. Experts from across the board – and around the world – let us in on their secrets to success. From Geoff Lawton, world-renowned permaculture designer and teacher, to Doniga Markegard, holistic management cattle rancher, to Jack Spirko, host of the wildly popular Survival Podcast, to Louis Fox, the filmmaker behind “The Story of Stuff” and “The Meatrix” – we were lucky to meet and learn from so many great and creative minds!

Watch a Trailer for the Series Here

Water Harvesting 101 Interview

An interview with two of North America’s foremost experts on water-harvesting, Brad Lancaster & Craig Sponholtz. Water is so central to life on earth, that it’s the very first consideration we make in our designs, and it constitutes an entire chapter of the course. Ignoring water can create disastrous consequences, but prioritizing it can yield great abundance and beauty. Get a foundational knowledge of water harvesting systems and their importance and function from two masterminds not often caught in the same place – in this rare 10 minute interview.

Gaia’s Garden & Beyond Interview

An exclusive interview with Toby Hemenway, author of the best-selling permaculture book on the planet! How does permaculture fit into this crazy modern world? In this 16 minute video (not available anywhere else), you’ll learn about the relationship between modern civilization and agriculture, and how permaculture can be used as a tool of transition, to connect us with the positive aspects of our roots, but also move us forward to a more resilient future.

Establishing a Food Forest with Geoff Lawton

No permaculture designer should be without a solid background in food forestry. A mature forest garden replicates the self-sustaining, land-healing, air- and water-purifying, carbon-sequestering habitat of a wild forest – with the added benefit of supporting human life because every plant is edible. Learn the foundations of this critical permaculture tool with the internationally renowned expert on the subject! Thanks to a breathtaking honour for Verge – Geoff’s visit to Calgary in August 2014 yielded this sold-out 1 hour presentation, captured on video.