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Permaculture Book Package: 1 Introduction to Permaculture & 1 Designers’ Manual



[Choose this option if you wish to order one copy each of Introduction to Permaculture and Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual, by Bill Mollison.]

Introduction to Permaculture is an abundantly illustrated and detailed explanation of permaculture concepts and design strategies. Very little content of Mollison’s other books are found within Introduction to Permaculture.

Product features include: site analysis, house placement, urban permaculture, chicken and pig forage systems, orchards and home wood lots, micro-climate influence, selected plant species.

Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual is the definitive textbook of permaculture, and the basis for the internationally recognized 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate course curriculum.

Written for teachers, students and designers, it follows and greatly expands on the initial introductory texts, permaculture One (1978) and Permaculture Two (1979) both of which are still in demand.

It covers design methodologies and strategies for both urban and rural applications, describing property design and natural farming techniques.


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