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Introduction to Permaculture (Book)

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Written to introduce readers to permaculture concepts and design strategies. It is abundantly illustrated with detailed diagrams and line drawings throughout. Includes a listing of useful permaculture plants with descriptions and uses, and a further species list in useful categories.

Very little content of Mollison’s other books are found within Introduction to Permaculture.

Product Features:

  • Site analysis
  • House placement
  • Urban permaculture
  • Chicken and pig forage systems
  • Orchards and home wood lots
  • Micro-climate influences
  • Selected plant species

Students, registered in any of our Permaculture Design Course programs, are able to purchase the book directly from us. We will provide you with your copy on the first day of class.

This book is a helpful resource, but not mandatory for students in our Permaculture Design Course program.

** We do not ship & we do not sell to non-registered students.

Out of stock