The Contour Map Basic Generator For Google Earth Pro – Three Day Subscription

$20.00 CAD


The Contour Map Basic Generator allows you to generate and download a contour map file (KML) for anywhere in the world, in a format that can than be easily imported into Google Earth Pro.

Whether you’re looking to buy a property, design the one you have, or help others figure out their space, this tool will help get you on your way.

Before purchasing, you can preview the contour map that is generated by the tool by visiting the Contour Map Preview Generator, here:


Once you purchase your subscription, you will receive 3 days of unlimited access to the Contour Map Basic Generator through our Student Dashboard.

The tool includes a download button so that you can export an unlimited number of KLM files. The KML file format can then be imported into Google Earth Pro, as shown in this image.

Once you download your contour map we highly recommend that you check out our Adaptive Habitat Self-Study Program -it’s free! – and will guide you how to use your map using our five step process to design and manage your permaculture property.

You can preview the contour map that is generated by the tool by visiting the Contour Map Preview Generator, here:

What is your refund policy for this tool?

There are no refunds.

Please be sure you test the mapping tool found at BEFORE purchasing the version found here (which includes a download button).

What is the difference between the Contour Map Basic Generator and the Contour Map Preview Generator?

The Contour Map Basic Generator is a subscription and includes a download button.

Once you’ve drawn your map, you are able to export a KLM file for import into a tool such as Google Earth Pro.

The Contour Map Preview Generator, accessible at is simply a preview version. No map is available for download.


How do I import the KML file from the Contour Map Basic Generator into Google Earth Pro?

Simple instructions for importing the KML file into Google Earth Pro are included in the Adaptive Habitat Self-Study Program, which you can enrol for (separately) here (- it’s free!).

Google Earth Pro is quite intuitive and easy to learn. Note that Google Earth Pro (for desktop) is different than Google Earth (for web), as it provides additional capabilities such as GIS data import capability. You’ll want to learn at least some of the basic functionality of this program. If you are generally comfortable with software you are likely pick it up by simply starting to play around in the program. If you need a little more support, these Google Earth Outreach Tutorials are very good, and the Google Earth User Guide is another comprehensive resource.

*** Important! You must use Google Earth Pro for Desktop and not Google Earth on web!

Contour Map Accuracy and Data Sources

Most people who have used the contour map generator found it an amazing tool and it has saved many of them thousands of dollars that they might have spent on a traditional survey. However, the tool uses open source data so accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

The elevation data is provided by Mapzen. The underlying data sources are a mix of open source data from around the world, as such, quality and accuracy varies from place to place. You can see the approximated resolution for your location in the map. View an accuracy map here or visit this page for more detailed information.

Data provided by is purely informational.

This tool is based on and works thanks to products/services of the following projects, companies or people: Leaflet, D3.js, Axis Maps, Mapbox, Mapzen, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Danilo da Rosa and Magick Media.


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