Meet Jenna Hopper & Jordan Saunders

  • Co-founders, Tree Folk Handsplit Firewood & Timber Products
  • Expertise:  Firewood, Timber Products, Carpentry, Education, Homesteading, Composting

Jenna and Jordan's Story

Jenna and Jordan are a young couple ambitiously pursuing a simpler way of life.  (Yes, they can see and appreciate the irony.)

Embarking on this joint venture in the summer of 2015, Jenna and Jordan are seeking to live their lives in line with their worldviews. Their values are informed largely by indigenous philosophies and permaculture principles. Situated in the pristine and dynamic Slocan Valley in British Columbia, (or “the Shire” as they like to call it), Jenna and Jordan are passionate in their pursuit of a rugged, authentic, and innovative lifestyle.

With collective experiences in farming, building, design, teaching, butchery, and ecological restoration, Jenna and Jordan have started Tree Folk, a firewood and timber products business, specializing in handsplit firewood and high-grade slab furniture in the form of bar tops, shelving, and whatever their imaginations can conjure up. Bringing their diverse backgrounds and skillsets to bear, they are working to make their mark on the firewood industry in the valley, cultivating a growing customer base that will allow them to expand their brand. Recently, they have also purchased their own raw piece of land that will be developed into a permaculture homestead site.

Jenna and Jordan love wood – the sound it makes when splitting a well-checked round; the feeling one gets bringing down the axe; the scent after each fresh cut. For these two tree folks, creating firewood is a form of meditation. Working with wood allows them to create meaningful connections with the community while providing an essential service.


About Tree Folk

Tree Folk has been growing and evolving since the beginning of its operations over a year ago. Its vision: To build a solid reputation as a trustworthy, hardworking, and authentic company with people passionate about living an alternative lifestyle while contributing to the well-being of the local community. Tree Folk is about more than firewood and timber products – it is an opportunity to share stories and connect with those on their own quest for a more connected and fulfilling way of life. Building this network provides Jenna and Jordan with new opportunities to learn, collaborate, and innovate with other like-minded people.

In 2016, Tree Folk bucked, split, and delivered over 350 cords throughout the valley. All of the wood was hand-split and stacked. Tree Folk has also completed several slab projects, including a 7×4 book matched larch slab purchased by “Wild Child Brew” in Red Deer for their new Kombucha Tap House. It also collaborated in the creation of a one-of-a-kind timber and slab display counter for Legendary Meats butcher shop in Slocan Valley, built out of a single dead larch tree.

Slab for Wild Child Brew, Red Deer.

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