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Not Quite Sure You’re Ready to Leap into Verge’s Online PDC?

Try the Primer – free!

We get it – between time, money, and attention shortages, you may be feeling lots of reasons to hesitate about investing in our full Online PDC. So….just for this month, we’re giving you, free of charge, the opportunity to experience a super-condensed sample of the full course: our Permaculture Primer. 

What is the Primer, you ask? It’s the required introductory course of the Verge Permaculture Design Certification, packed with essential, actionable principles, concepts, and resources in six provocative videos that will forever change your viewpoint on food, ecology, agriculture, land design, the role we humans can play in relation to the rest of the world, and much, much more.

You’ll get

  • A downloadable 50-page note pack explaining all of the key concepts in detail – that you can keep forever
  • Access to the online video Permaculture Primer (6 videos / 3.5 hours)
  • Links to suggested reading and informational websites
  • Homework and observation prompts to increase experiential learning
  • Full access to Rob’s expertise through a comment section where you can get your questions answered by Rob and interact with other participants

Normally, we sell the Primer for $99, and provide it free only to registered PDC students. So why are we giving it away now? Because we believe that these lessons will help you experience the life-changing value you’ll find in the full PDC — while making sure you’ll hit the ground running if (or when!) you sign up!

And whether you’re ready to view the Primer material today, tomorrow, or …..?, you will have unlimited access to it, forever, along with the ability to ask questions to our teaching team. It’s a small, free taste of all the information, support, and resources that will be available to you in the PDC….your first step toward creating a life of hope and knowledge, with a plan that will support you through 2020 and beyond. 

But don’t wait – the Primer will only be free of charge till November 22nd, while we’re accepting registrations for the Online PDC. After that, it will be back to $99 (and your opportunity to sign up for the OPDC will be gone until November 2021!). With all the changes happening this year, do you really want to risk that?

Price $99  FREE until November 22nd

After you register we’ll send you a few emails to let you know more about our up-coming online PDC.


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