Questions related to our PDC packages and upgrading at a later time:

Can I upgrade at a later time? When is the last date I can upgrade my package?

If you register for our Foundational or Premium PDC packages, you can still upgrade at a later time. However, we do ask that you complete the upgrade within ten days of completing your permaculture design course.

How long will I keep access to online materials included with the PDC packages?

All online materials (i.e. videos, recordings and associated resources) are available indefinitely (our lifetime or yours).

If your package includes a one-time program (such as Permaculture Pro, which is included in the PD program), we ask that you complete the program within one year of completion of your PDC.

After I complete my upgrade, how long will it take to get / view the features and tangible products?

Once payment is received, we ask that you give us one business day to add the online / digital feature(s) to your Student Dashboard page.

If your upgrade includes a physical copy of The Salatin Semester, or the book, Introduction to Permaculture, we will do one of two things:

1- If the course is upcoming, we will deliver those items to you at the course

2 – If the course is already completed, we will put those items in the mail asap (postage is complimentary).

What are the price options or packages for your 2019 PDC courses? What’s included in each?

When you register for a PDC, you can choose from one of three packages: Foundational, Premium or Professional Development. Regardless of the package, everyone is registered for the same PDC class and receives the Foundational features included with the course, but with the Premium and Professional Development options you get added benefits to help launch your personal permaculture projects or career.

Note that the Premium and Professional Development options include a copy of the textbook, Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual. Students in the Foundational package can purchase a copy direct from us or procure their own copy from another source.

What’s Included?

Whether you’re looking to practice permaculture in your own backyard, or whether you’re envisioning a regional consultancy, this program is set up to suit your vision. With three levels of engagement, we can prepare you for the simplest makeover of your backyard or community commons, all the way up to your most ambitious business plan. See the tables below for what is included in each of our packages.

STANDARD FEATURES (Value of $2,065) 


Permaculture Design Certificate Course

72 hours in class instruction

Permaculture Primer Interactive: Online Course

3.5 hour online video course + 40 page note pack. More info

Note Package

Our own 100 page notepack supplement. More info

Digital Resource Library

Digital copy of all slides, handouts and 30+ additional resources

Permaculture Magazine North America

A coupon code to receive 50% of a digital subscription. More info



Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual, Bill Mollison

The definitive permaculture textbook (600 pages). More info. 

 Not included.

Available for

purchase here

Introduction to Passive Solar Greenhouse Design

Online video course + 52 page DIY manual. More info

Introduction to Permaculture, Bill Mollison

160 page soft cover book. More info.

Urban Farm Bike Trailer Plans, Verge & Green City Acres

Plans, a parts list and photos. More info. 

Full PDC Course Lectures On Video

Unlimited access to a recorded version of class lectures. More info. 

Growing Good Business Series

Over 2.5 hours of interviews with successful permaculture entrepreneurs. More info. 

Water Harvesting 101 with Brad Lancaster & Craig Sponholtz

Exclusive interview with water harvesting experts. More info. 

Beyond Gaia’s Garden with Toby Hemenway

Exclusive interview with Toby Hemenway. More info.

The Salatin Semester

A complete homestudy course of Polyface-style diversified farming ($350 Value). More info. 



We are completely redesigning our Professional Development Package and as such, will not be offering it for sale in 2019.

If you are looking for advanced permaculture design training, we highly recommend that you combine our Permaculture Design Course with our Adaptive Habitat Land Design Program.


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