Lack of Hope

Lack of hope is a big barrier stopping folks from creating a sustainable future and a meaningful life.

I’ve had students arrive at my program with so little hope that they arrive in tears. I’ve seen previous hardcore environmental activists burnout and and loose all hope such that they now prescribe to nihilism (nothing matters anyways).

But I believe that this lack of hope is unwarranted.


It’s time to get inspired. Here are some suggestions:

  • Read Part I, Introduction of the Permaculture Primer Notepack that you just downloaded.
  • Watch Part I of the mini-documentary about the Transformation of Our Urban Home on YouTube.
  • Unfriend people on your social networks who are always sharing negative information (& check out this article on what constant negative news is doing to your mental health).
  • If you’d like to dive into the research I mentioned you can get started on Peter Coombes’ website, here.

Keep an eye on your inbox, and in the next email I’ll going to give you some tips to dissolve the second barrier – lack of knowledge (but’s it’s not just any knowledge, it’s a specific type of knowledge).

Are you ready to take action now? Empower yourself with the tools, knowledge & support to positively transform your land, your life and your livelihood in our live Permaculture Design Course. Early bird prices for our June course end on Monday April 23rd!

Past Students Say…

  • These two weeks of permaculture have been the most useful and constructive education I have experienced. The practical skills, hopeful perspective and focus on solutions feel empowering.  

    Sara Renner, Canmore, AB
    Sara Renner, Canmore, AB Owner of Paintbox Lodge and Olympic Medalist
  • Nothing could have prepared me for Verge's PDC. I went from armchair activist to on the ground change maker in two weeks. Their course gave me the tools and resources to restore hope in a backwards world.

    Jordan Saunders
    Jordan Saunders Tree Folk
  • I think if I could use one word to describe what Verge's PDC gave me, it would be "hope". Completely life changing.

    Chrissy Begus & Sarah Haney
    Chrissy Begus & Sarah Haney Puzzle Permaculture
  • I can’t remember the last time I felt so inspired! So many things brought together that I knew but didn’t.

    Evonne Smulders
    Evonne Smulders

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