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Happy Holidays, friends!


We’re wishing you and your loved ones all the joys of the season and a prosperous, healthy, and regenerative New Year!


As we look back over the past year, we’re filled with gratitude for each of you. All of our students, clients, colleagues and partners, with your eagerness and enthusiasm, curiosity and commitment, dedication and drive, inspire us every day.


This past year, we welcomed over 15,000 permies to our our free online community. We hosted close to 4,000 for the Keystone Conversation speaker series, and had over 12,000 of you register for five free webinars. Do you feel the momentum growing? We sure do.


In June we gathered around the fire for our first Verge Summer Camp, and we’re excited to  already planning our next big in-person event, coming summer 2024!


In September, Verge announced our merger with 5th World, who’s mission is build an abundant, prosperous, and anti-fragile future through regenerative land management, innovation, and new financial systems. Since then, our blended team of urban and rural homesteaders, farmers, engineers and educators, tech wizards and perma-consultants have been honing a world-class spectrum of services.


In 2024 our focus will be building a visionary 5-year strategy with opportunities for permaculturists, homesteaders and businesses, educators and consultants, to create real, positive change on the local and global levels!


In a World that often seems out of balance we are building a growing community full of hope for the future, and with a plan to thrive. We are genuinely grateful for the part you play!


Happy Holidays from all of us to you,


Alain Amy, Carmen, Erin, Farrah, Katlin, Maurice, Michelle, Phila, Rob and our extended family here at Verge.


Verge Team at the Farm

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