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Note: This offer is no longer available.

You’ve heard about SPIN farming, the ultimate urban farm formula that turns lawns into lush food (and money) producing systems! But how do you know if it’s for you? Well, we’ve devised the perfect, no-investment, no-risk way to find out!

SPIN farming in actionJust enter your email below to subscribe to our special email series, featuring audio clips from our exclusive interview with successful, Kelowna-based SPIN farmer, Curtis Stone.

You’ll get four days of inspiring AND practical answers to essential questions like:

  • What about SPIN farming makes it continue to grow?
  • What are the top three things a SPIN farmer must do to be successful?
  • How much food and money can you generate per acre?

Whether you’re raring and ready to dig up that first lawn, or just want a taste of the lifestyle – this email series will point you in the right direction – maybe even down the path to becoming an urban farmer… Just enter your email here!

This offer is no longer available. 

Curtis is an inspiring example of going out and building the life you want – changing his community, the food system, and the world, one lawn at a time. Catch his contagious knowledge and enthusiasm in our upcoming SPIN farming courses in Calgary and Edmonton this November! 

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