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You’re no clueless consumer. You’re tuned into the times, catching the viral drive to self-sufficiency, the awareness that tough times may lie ahead. You’ve been working on your food security, your energy independence, your footprint on the planet, for a while now: integrating renewable heat and power, conserving water, designing your garden or acreage, getting started on raising chickens or bess… or maybe just dreaming about all of the above!

But then you run smack into the questions you can’t answer:

What do you do when….?

We get it – we’ve been there! And we’ve got your back, with our special e-courses designed by internationally recognized permaculture consultant Rob Avis specifically for your needs, whether you’re creating sustainable urban properties or self-sufficient homesteads!

And so we are offering you – free of charge –

one of our most wildly popular online courses:

The Permaculture Primer

Basic Version

If you’re looking for the big perma-picture with an urban twist, this is it – our quick and earthy summary of key permaculture concepts, with real-life examples drawn from our experience in consulting for client sites here in the heart of Calgary!

This is the course that will introduce you to Permaculture 101 – from understanding ecosystems to stormwater management to building sustainable gardens wherever you are (on a balcony or a 1,000-acre farm!). You’ll learn how this radically different approach to sustainability empowers you to achieve extraordinary results by making small, simple changes …

  • …how (and why) you can create edible ecosystems that build your own food security while helping to restore your local environment and reverse climate change…
  • … how permaculture design principles help you to create super high-yield garden spaces in which each plant serves many purposes…
  • ….and much, much more!
To share our world-changing answer to the question everybody’s asking us, we’re offering the first session of our Permaculture Design Certificate program in six provocative videos… for a price that’s practically pocket-change! Sample our PDC right here! This Basic level includes video access for 30 days and a downloadable notebook

You’ll get the full Basic version, including…

  • Thirty days’ access to the online video Permaculture Primer (6 videos /3.5 hours)
  • A downloadable 50-page note pack explaining all of the key concepts in detail – yours to keep forever

You’ll want this course if you’re…

  • An apartment dweller with zero land but plenty of initiative…
  • A homeowner dreaming of an urban permaculture paradise…
  • A community organizer looking to transform an abandoned lot…
  • A municipal planner seeking sustainable solutions on a city-wide basis…
  • An environmental advocate working in conservation, restoration, or activism…
  • An educator or academic administrator looking for ways to “green” your curriculum…
  • A landscape designer planning to build your services and value to your clients…
  • An eco-savvy entrepreneur looking to start or expand upon your own earth repair business…
  • An architect, engineer or all-around techie looking for a regenerative way to apply your professional knowledge, skills and experience…
  • A disillusioned desk jockey looking to save money, grow your own food, reduce your environmental impact, and build community.

More info on this course.

Why Are We Offering This Crazy Amount of Expert Info, for Free?

Simple! Over the past eight years of teaching our permaculture courses to urban gardeners, range farmers, Earthship homesteaders, municipal planners, and oh-so-many others, we’ve answered plenty of Square One questions.  Nothing wrong with that – we all start somewhere! – but it’s easier for everybody to hit the ground running with a basic knowledge of core principles.

And that’s where our e-courses come in…they’re often online prequels to our signature Permaculture Design Certification training. If this e-course leaves you wanting the full program, you’ll walk in knowing the concepts and the terminology, able to participate more fully and get oh-so-much more value out of the training!

And if you don’t? You’ll have a solid grounding in core principles of permaculture, resilience, and anti-fragility, as well as practical, real-world approaches to use, questions to ask, and awareness of potential problems to avoid as you develop your urban or rural project.

Talk about a win-win!

Bottom Line – Why Should You Invest Your Time in One of These Courses?

…Besides the fact that you’re getting information that has always been incorporated in our paid courses –  never given away for free?

Well, let us point to what the graduates of our programs are doing…from running profitable rural and urban farms, to consulting on high-level public and private projects internationally. Making a difference in big ways, earning a comfortable income, and finding personal fulfillment in doing it!

In short, these courses are a gateway to change not only your life, but your world. For free. So really – isn’t the question not Why, but Why Not?


First of all, we have a wealth of information on this site!




  • This is valuable information for life, not just "gardening". It has provided a base point to many of my life choices and beliefs, a sort of coming together of ideas about wholistic living from the ground up  

    Gail Wilson, Nanton, AB
    Gail Wilson, Nanton, AB
  • Verge Permaculture provides a learning experience that will both greatly inform & inspire. Rob delivers well founded information taught with an excellent blend of engineered expertise & the wonder of Mother Nature..!

    Gabe King
    Gabe King Carpenter
  • Rob's incredible wealth of knowledge and resources provided a great base for understanding sustainable living that is symbiotic with a way that was inspiring and positive.

    Connie Farion, Red Deer, AB
    Connie Farion, Red Deer, AB
  • Taking the Verge Permaculture courses helped give me the knowledge, connections, and confidence to make real changes in my life.  I was able to start my own business, change my lifestyle, and meet an amazing group of people that helped me every step of the way.

    Jullilynn Gillies
    Jullilynn Gillies Rancho Relaxo
  • Thank you for the inspiring insight to starting something huge!

    Hannah Webb
    Hannah Webb
  • I started The Permaculture Primer today and am greatly impressed. I have taken other courses online but have never been as impressed with them as much as I am with yours. I like the level headed and rational approach you have taken.

    Jim Edmunds
    Jim Edmunds Fresno, California
  • The information in the Permaculture Primer and in the PDC has changed my world view and my direction in life.  I highly recommend it.

    Marcia Baile, B.H.Ec., M.H.Sc., N.D.
    Marcia Baile, B.H.Ec., M.H.Sc., N.D.


  • Over the past five years I have watched Rob and Michelle build Verge Permaculture from the ground up and I am proud to say that Verge Permaculture is now one of North America's premier permaculture design and education companies.

    Geoff Lawton
    Geoff Lawton Director of The Permaculture Institute
  • Rob and Michelle truly inspired me in so many ways. It's their passion for social change, that keeps me inspired to keep on given er'.

    Curtis Stone Author of The Urban Farmer
  • Rob is a dynamic, informative speaker who clearly knows his subject matter. As an engineer and an ecologist, Rob offers a unique and refreshing perspective.

    Rob Harlan
    Rob Harlan Solar Energy Society of Alberta
  • If you want to schedule an event with them, or just attend one, I recommend them very, very highly.

    Toby Hemenway
    Toby Hemenway Author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture
  • Michelle, Rob and the rest of the Verge crew dedicate an enormous amount of care and energy to make life-changing educational opportunities available to their community.

    Craig Sponholtz
    Craig Sponholtz Dryland Solutions Inc.
  • Rob and Michelle Avis are not only highly knowledgeable about all matters concerning sustainability, but also convey sustainable living in a compelling and lively way. They make the journey fun.  

    Anna Ford, Edmonton, AB
    Anna Ford, Edmonton, AB
  • We strongly recommend Rob as a voice for all generations of environmental, sustainability, and community building professionals and endorse his technical prowess and relationship building skills to communities across Canada!

    Rene Michalak, Red Deer, AB
    Rene Michalak, Red Deer, AB ReThink Red Deer
  • Every so often someone comes along who seems to change the game. In this case, Alberta’s good fortune is doubly so, as it is a dynamic husband and wife who have changed people’s lives in service of environmental stewardship. As engineers-turned-sustainability designers, Rob and Michelle Avis have brought back Permaculture from a global learning expedition and innovated—adapted tools to Alberta conditions—sustaining not only their own small business but so much more…

    Adam Gagnon, Calgary, AB
    Adam Gagnon, Calgary, AB
  • Rob and Michelle’s continuous passion for seeking out innovative approaches and finding ways to disseminate valuable information in the community with a keen eye for business sense has been a game-changer in Calgary, and across Alberta.

    Alla Guelber
    Alla Guelber The Meaningful Work Project
  • I would not be at nearly the same point in my career, nor would I be the same person, if it weren’t for Rob’s influence in my business and life.

    Luke Kimmel
    Luke Kimmel Regenerate Design
  • I've never seen a permaculture endeavour marry business and permaculture together so well and I've rarely met finer people in my life.

    Tad Hargrave
    Tad Hargrave Marketing For Hippies

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