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Introduction to

Garden Design Strategies for Year-Round Nutrition

Learn to plan and plant for a well-fed winter, with soil, space and storage considerations for each crop.

Wednesday March 22, 2023 | 3:00pmMT / 5:00pmET

Plan Your Winter Food Supply from Seed to Storage

This LIVE webinar starts with ground-breaking information, and includes tested, unique and innovative strategies you won’t find anywhere else! Plus, you will get:

Real-time answers to questions in our lecture and Q&A’s

Proven tools and solutions that you can put to use immediately

Food storage reference chart
Root cellar design tips

Everyone who registers will receive access to the webinar recording.

  • Carmen Lamoureux
    Carmen Lamoureux


Ecologist, Permaculture Educator, and Eco Entrepreneur

As the lead instructor for the Verge PDC, Carmen Lamoureux brings extensive experience in sustainable land management, forestry, soils, silviculture and horticulture. Her foundation in ecosystem dynamics drives her practical approach to design and education.

In Calgary’s local permaculture scene, Carmen is also owner of the Urban Permaculture Project and founder of The Urban Farm School, where she offers practical workshops to inspire conscious, creative solutions for regenerative local food production, food security and land design.

You Don’t Have to Fall Back on Processed Food When the Farmers Market Closes

We’ve all been there: the high-priced imported grocery produce, the nutrient-poor packaged dinners (and dare we say takeout?). If you don’t have your own larder, winter meals without farmer’s markets can be grim! 

And that’s why you can’t afford to miss this webinar – intro to a first-of-its-kind Masterclass! Our course will teach you:

  • How to design a garden of any size for year-round nutrition
  • How to diagnose your space to learn what you can store and what you should grow
  • The top 5 storage crops for permaculture gardens and how to grow them

Enjoy 4-Season Food Security!

Once you’ve experienced the confidence and peace of mind that comes with a well-stocked larder, you’ll wonder how you lived without it! 

  • No sticker shock at the prices on the fruits and vegetables your family depends upon
  • No worries about what pesticides might be lingering on your produce
  • No “making do” with low rations when you’re snowed in with the power out

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