What is the Guided & Guaranteed Program?


The Guided and Guaranteed program is a 10 – 12 week online program for land owners, with DIY drive and motivation , who want to design their perfect property and are looking for the process, tools, training, and support to bring their dream to life!

Are you ready to stop cobbling your vision together from books, YouTube and guesswork, and instead commit to a proven process, with personal guidance and guaranteed results?


  1. We have skin the game. We’re serious about investing our time and expertise to help you establish a lasting, resilient legacy on your land…and our guarantee is quite simple: if you don’t get results, you get your money back.
  2. This program offers big savings. The price point for the Guided & Guaranteed program is 10% of the cost of our equivalent one-on-one consulting packages.
  3. You’ll get accountability + support over several months. In addition to an organic farmer and an engineer joining your support team, you’ll
    • be connected to an accountability partner,
    • gain a valuable network of like-minded landowners and
    • get ongoing monthly support from Rob & Takota for up to 7 months!
  4. See & experience real life design & implementation in our bonus Field Day. Join us for a private bonus Field Day on Coen Farm, in Alberta, Canada in August. Come meet us in person and see Adaptive Habitat land design come to life.

This actually isn’t just a course in sustainable land design – it’s a program that will give you tools to observe, think about, and relate to your land and your life more effectively.

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