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When Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunities Arrive, We Believe in Sharing Them…

…And thanks to a surprise visitor, we’ve got the perfect opportunity to share!

Presenting Geoff Lawton’s Establishing a Food Forest Workshop – a FREE livestream event!

We’d never have dreamed that Geoff Lawton, founder of the Permaculture Research Institute and world-class designer/educator, would be coming all the way from Australia to Calgary to film Verge for his worldwide permaculture project video series – but, that’s exactly what’s happening!

And of course, once we confirmed that our internationally-acclaimed guest would give a talk on Establishing a Food Forest live in Calgary – we couldn’t help ourselves – we decided to go all out and livestream it to our community – FREE! 

That’s right, on August 14th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm MDT, we will be broadcasting Geoff Lawton’s “Establishing a Food Forest” Workshop far and wide – for free – on our website to our Newsletter subscribers.

To get access to this once in a lifetime opportunity (and many more awesome future offers), you need to be subscribed to our newsletter list. We’ll email access instructions straight to your inbox!

Not on our email list? Subscribe here to receive your free livestream access info! And of course, we won’t share or spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time.  Please note – if you are already on our List we sent the password out at 12:00 MDT on August 13th.


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Disclaimer: We are offering this event for free. As such, we have limited resources. We will do the best with what we have but be aware that there is only one camera and we are broadcasting over a wifi signal. We may not be able to capture the projected slideshow because of lighting nor anything that Geoff writes on the whiteboard. We will do our best with sound quality given the resources we have. We are also unable to provide technical support. Thank-you for your understanding!

For more details about the workshop, or to register to attend in-person, in Calgary, visit the registration page.

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  • Tim Mather

    Great presentation. Makes a person think about life and how it might look if we all stepped back and took a look at what we can do. It would appear with some solid planning and a cautious approach we can all have more of our own food right here in the City of Calgary. It would certainly reduce the runoff into the river and reduce flooding as well.

    Thanks again for sharing the presentation online.

  • Martin Stares

    What a pleasure watching Geoff’s presentation online and seeing exciting and achievable possibilities for my garden and back lane. Thanks to Verge and Geoff Lawton for embodying the spirit of sharing!

    • Alex Judd

      Thanks for tuning in, Martin!

  • Ryan

    Nooooo I missed it! Was it recorded for later by any chance?

    • Alex Judd

      Ryan, we’re not sure yet whether we have a recording we can work with. If we do decide to share, our newsletter list will be the first to know.

  • mark

    Thank you for making this workshop available to your whole community via the live stream tonight. Geoff’s presentation was inspiring even if we were not sitting front row center!
    From everyone at PermaSask, thank you!

    • Alex Judd

      So glad you could join us!

  • Monique bach

    Espero poder accedesr. ! no tomaba mi solicitud !

    • Alex Judd

      Lo siento, Monique. No sabemos por que.

  • Brendan

    Where can we watch or listen in on the live feed for the seminar? I will have to check you guys out when I’m in Calgary next spring, keen to see Permaculture practices in Canada.

    • Alex Judd

      Brendan, when you sign up for our newsletter, we will email you the access information. You can use the newsletter form on this page to sign-up.

  • Fernando Spalding

    Hello guys. I haven’t been getting my mailing from VERG. Do you mind looking into it so I can get a shot at watching Geoff?
    Regards and congrats.

    • Alex Judd

      Hi Fernando, it appears that you are signed up for our newsletter list and our emails are being sent to you. You may wish to check your spam folder, and add our email address – – to your contact list and see if that helps. I can send you the password in a separate email.

      • Alex Judd

        Hi again,
        I think I know what the problem is. Your email provider has an anti-spam measure in effect that requires the sender to click on and enter a code every time they send something. That would be why you aren’t getting our emails.

  • Rick

    Congrats guys! It’s a huge deal to have Geoff Lawton in town, if I still lived in Calgary I would be there for sure. Looking forward to the live stream!

    • Alex Judd

      Thanks, Rick. Us too!


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