Isn’t it time to stop chasing the mirage of your Perfect Property – and learn a guaranteed method to design and create it from start to finish?

Introducing our five-step process to design, create, and maintain a healthy, resilient property that provides you with financial freedom and the time to enjoy it all…

Leave confusion, overwhelm, false starts, and disappointments behind.

The best person to design your land is you.

Shocked? Believe us, we understand!

We’ve seen all the struggles that come from land design by books, YouTube and guesswork –tons of work and re-work, frustration, tears, anger, crop failure, lack of resilience, and thousands of dollars wasted. We’ve witnessed the overwhelm that results too much information and no context. We know all the pain you’re feeling…or trying to avoid.

Your goals open up thousands of possibilities…restoring mismanaged land, creating a self-renewing ecosystem, building in the ability to withstand changing climate and economy, and ensuring a financial yield, not to mention time for enjoyment!…..

….all ending in a muddle of confusion:

How to accomplish all of this? Where should you even begin? Is it possible to go back and start from Square One? And that is when you call us to help you sort it all out.

Sometimes that’s what you really need – a consultant who will spend 300+ hours to get acquainted with you and your land, identify your goals, values and vision, translate it all into a design, and coordinate the implementation. And if you’re ready to make that kind of investment, we’re happy to put our 20 years of consulting to work for you.

But what if you still have that stubborn conviction that you know your land… you know what you want… you’ve got the DIY drive and motivation? What if you’re clear that what you want isn’t a consultant, but the process, tools, training, and support to bring your dream to life?

Our FIVE-STEP PROCESS is the solution:

  • Step 1: Clarify

    Clarify your vision, values, and resources.

  • Step 2: Diagnose

    Discover your property's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Step 3: Design

    Design your property to achieve your vision.

  • Step 4: Implement

    Build your vision with appropriate tools, community, and support.

  • Step 5: Manage & Monitor

    Manage/Monitor the system you have designed.

Do-It-Yourself Land Design


Hit the button below to inquire about a custom solution or program for you, your land or your group of landowners…


Next session starts Dec 11th, 2018!

(prices in Canadian dollars)

Course fee is per property unit. Multiple attendees / landowners allowed per registration.


Two hour webinar & email e-course: The three top mistakes property owners make & how you can avoid them…


Let’s be real – unless you have a process for approaching a hyper-complex challenge like designing your perfect property (buildings, energy sources, food and water security, regenerative ecosystem, etc., etc.), it’s easy to default to the way you approach other complex challenges. So this actually isn’t just a course in sustainable land design – it’s a program that will give you tools to observe, think about, and relate to your land and your life more effectively.

By the end of our time together…

  • You’ll clarify your vision and values: how do you want to use and interact with your land?
  • You’ll identify the weakest link in building your vision (water management? appropriate technology? building placement? sustainable energy use? or…?) and create an action plan to strengthen it.
  • You’ll identify where your lifestyle, habits, and systems don’t match your values and vision, and how to create the necessary changes to support your goals.
  • You’ll make informed and strategic decisions with confidence and without remorse.
  • You’ll have a process and benchmarks for monitoring the success of your decisions.
  • You‘ll have a process to help you navigate any future problems as they arise, without overwhelm.
  • Your life energy and enjoyment will increase as a result of this program

Is The 10-Week Guaranteed Program for You?

We’re not going to pretend we’re revealing hidden secrets here. Truth is, if you’re willing to view several thousands of hours of YouTube videos, and read a small library of books, you likely find all the information you’ll receive here.

But will you be able to create the context for it – and apply all the situational experience that a consultant takes years to amass? That’s another question…..

If you’re motivated and don’t need one-on-one support, guidance and accountability, our free program includes a two hour video webinar, one week of tips around the process as well as recommendations for you to take action, delivered via email.

Our guaranteed program, on the other hand, is a 10-week guided, day-by-day, interactive online curriculum that cuts through the noise to give you the tools and process you need and guarantees your results.

Yes, you read that right! If you show up, participate in the guaranteed program, do the work, and use the tools and resources we provide as instructed, your results are guaranteed.

We’re serious about investing our time and expertise to help you establish a lasting, resilient legacy on your land…and so we screen our applicants in the guided program. We speak personally with you by telephone to identify your goals, needs, and commitment, and then require a signed agreement to be sure that you’re serious, too.

So….if you’re looking to move past the obstacles that have been blocking you from creating your ecologically regenerative, financially sustainable, functionally resilient, and enjoyable property, and you’re willing to commit to doing the work, our 10-week guaranteed option is the program for you.

Graduates Share DIY Land Design Stories…

Success Stories

Students share their personal DIY success stories here...

  • This was the most impactful course I have ever taken!

    Ian Griebel
    Ian Griebel 2300 acre farm Castor, AB
  • It has been life changing to get all of our thoughts sorted out.

    Jenna & Brett
    Jenna & Brett 2000 acre ranch in Halkirk, AB
  • Now I have an approach to land design that feels productive instead of me spinning my wheels

    Brittany Liska
    Brittany Liska 160 acre homestead in Marriott, SK


Rob and Takota offer lively and information-packed, interactive 90-minute webinars weekly for 10 weeks (all calls are recorded for later playback). In between, you’ll work on assignments applying the lessons of the class to your property, and you’ll buddy up with an accountability partner for peer support throughout the course. But that’s just the beginning of all you’ll receive…



How do you create a masterwork? Simple – just chip away everything that doesn’t belong there.

Whether Michelangelo or Picasso or Andy Warhol said it, it applies just as much to land design as it does to sculpture.

So in this first step, we run a reality check on your wish list (for example, if you’d like a dam or pond, but don’t have the catchment to fill it, this is one possibility off the table!). By first creating your vision and value statements, then doing an inventory of the resources available on your property, you reduce the overwhelming number of design possibilities available to you. This step is about creating your personal infrastructure, the framework you will use throughout the rest of the course.

In addition to your three 90-minute interactive webinars with Rob and Takota, you’ll receive…

  • Templates and resources to create vision and value statements
  • Templates and resources to complete an inventory of all your resources
  • Weekly planner and weekly goal setting template
  • Weekly question templates for you and your accountability partner


So you’ve weeded out your impossible wishes and identified the assets and liabilities you know on your property. But that’s just the beginning…

Does your property sit in a floodplain, with rich alluvial soil – and potential for disaster? Are its rich forests or grasslands a tinderbox for wildfire during drought? Is the permafrost under your property melting? Does your community have land use restrictions that would scuttle your vision? These are things that you might not know – and might not even think to ask.

In this step’s single 90-minute webinar, Rob and Takota will introduce you to their proprietary tool, the Google Earth Pro DIY Land Diagnosis Template, and teach you to map your property to identify its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) in relation to your vision and values. You’ll also receive…

  • All properties will receive a typical mapping package based on 25 m contour data (more precise data is available at your cost)
  • Video and text resources
  • Exercises to help identify your property’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Land Use Bylaw template
  • Weekly question templates for you and your accountability partner


You’ve identified your values and goals, and assessed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats on your property…now it’s time to run another reality check: how do your values and goals, and your property’s assets and liabilities, all compare to your actual lifestyle today?

For example, do you envision life as an agro-preneur, and think, “Ah, wouldn’t it be wonderful!”… you spend your days away at work and tend your land ferociously on the weekends? Or perhaps you dream of free time to spend with your family on a low-maintenance, high-production farm… but your homestead now requires three people working a full day just to manage daily chores, tending multiple species of livestock that are all consuming pricey store-bought fodder.

Believe us, we understand! We all dream of the life we want…and if your current lifestyle and systems are far removed from the lifestyle of your dreams, you need to evaluate what needs to change, and how you want to change it.

In this step’s three 90-minute webinars, Rob and Takota will introduce you to their proprietary Google Earth Pro DIY Land Design tool and provide you with the templates, tools, and other resources to help you identify and re-vision the behaviours and systems you will need to adopt, adapt, or eliminate to achieve your goals. You will receive….

  • Weekly question templates for you and your accountability partner
  • 1 hour private video call with Rob and Takota to review your design


We like to quote the old Japanese saying: Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

Now that you’ve clarified your goals, values, and vision, diagnosed your property’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and designed the systems to achieve your vision, it’s time to work on the other half of this process: implementing your plan in physical form.
Each of the preceding steps has chipped away at the overwhelming range of options you saw at the outset, and now, with your design in hand, you are ready to start putting it into action.

One correction: when we say “you,” read “you and your support team!” Too often, we’ve seen DIY-minded landowners abandon their projects due to overwhelm, or simply fizzle out, thinking that they need to do it all themselves, from laying out the contours and digging swales, to building the greenhouse, to grading and paving the drive…the whole shebang, on their own.

That doesn’t happen here! We guarantee that if you show up for the program and do the work, you will end up with a great plan. If you need help implementing your plan, we will offer additional support on an hourly basis via phone or Zoom, or onsite (a value of $8,000 to $40,000). And we will open our entire professional network to you – from (agronomists) to (zoologists), to ensure you have the help you need. The value here? Incalculable!

You will also receive…

  • Three 1.5 hour webinars with Q&A over three weeks + recordings (value of $300)
  • Weekly question templates for you and your accountability partner


So when the design and implementation phases are complete, your work is done, right? Not so!

We’ve seen it too many times – how clients have a general idea of their perfect property, but no clear plan for how they want it to function when all the pieces are in place and operating over the long haul. The result? They don’t incorporate maintenance as a factor in their implementation, and wind up continually working against nature, forcing their property to do things that it was not designed to do….as you might say, leaving the rat race of the city only to jump into the rat race of the farm. It’s a recipe for drudgery, frustration, exhaustion, and in the end, poor or nonexistent profits for all the work expended.

How do you avoid this? Look closely at what the land is capable of, and work within those parameters. In other words, diagnose and project your desired level of hands-on involvement as a part of your planning, starting with Step One. This ensures you use your time and energy, as well as the resources of your property, to yield the greatest profit most efficiently.

If you’re feeling dismay at this prospect – no worries! Rob and Takota have you covered here also, with ongoing support…

  • Three 1.5 hour webinars with Q&A over three weeks + recordings (value $300)
  • A 50% discounted rate for Takota or Rob’s 1 on 1 phone/video consultation (the discounted rate is $100/hour)
  • Smartphone app resources for real time spatial, photo, and data capture
  • Digital and analogue data management systems
  • Visual Soil Assessment Template (value of $50)










Week #0 Pre-Course Work Intake Interviews and Introduction
Week #1 Tuesday, December 11, 6pm Mountain Time Visions, Values and Resources
Week #2 Tuesday, December 18, 6 pm Mountain Time Climate & Geography
Week #3 Tuesday, January 8, 6 pm Mountain Time Water & Access
Week #4 Tuesday, January 15th, Mountain Time Structures & Fencing
Week #5 Tuesday, January 22nd, Mountain Time Flora & Fauna
Week #6 Tuesday, January 29th, Mountain Time Business & Technology
Week #7 Tuesday, February 5th, Mountain Time Soil
Week #8 Tuesday, February 12th, Mountain Time Introduction to Design
Week #9 Tuesday, February 19th, Mountain Time Implementation & Monitoring
Week #10 Tuesday, February 26th, Mountain Time Final Design Presentations


We have been working professionally together for the past 3 years and in our respective fields for over 15 years combined.

We combine Rob’s engineering perspective and technical oversight with Takota’s intuitive understanding of the land and organic farming experience to provide a unique point of view that has created incredible value and insight for our clients and our own properties.

  • Rob Avis Owner / Lead Instructor / Engineer

    After pursuing international training and certifications in renewable energy and regenerative design I, along with my wife and business partner Michelle, began Verge Permaculture, now a globally-recognized and award-winning design, consulting, and education company. Since then, we’ve helped more than 1000 students and a growing number of clients to design and/or create integrated systems for shelter, energy, water, waste and food, all while supporting local economy and regenerating the land.

    Our consulting firm, Adaptive Habitat is a property design & project management firm that creates resilient homes, acreages and farms for landowners, preserving tangible and enduring wealth by integrating innovative technology, engineered solutions and ecological design.

  • Over the past five years I have watched Rob and Michelle build Verge Permaculture from the ground up and I am proud to say that Verge Permaculture is now one of North America's premier permaculture design and education companies.

    Geoff Lawton
    Geoff Lawton Director of The Permaculture Institute
  • Takota Coen

    Takota is a 4th generation farmer who helps steward Coen Farm, a 250 acre award winning organic farm in Central Alberta that produces nutrient dense milk fed pork, grass fed beef, and forest garden fruits. In addition to farming, Takota works with famers, ranchers, and acreage owners across Canada to help them design for healthier land, healthier profits and the time to enjoy both. He holds a Permaculture Design Certificate from The Permaculture Research Institute, a Holistic Management Certificate from Holistic Management International, and a Red Seal Journeyman Certificate for Carpentry.

  • Takota is one of the few people that I know of who is searching out these answers and connecting the dots to healthy soils, healthy people, and healthy communities.  He has the “gift” of recognizing that all farms have some type of “unfair advantage” that we can harness or use to grow and raise healthy food that respects the land.

    Don Ruzicka
    Don Ruzicka Sunrise Farms

If Not Now, When?

So there you have it – a land design program that can take you from paralysis to profits. The only question is – are you ready to stop cobbling your vision together with a little info from this source and a little from that, and instead commit to working a proven process, with personal guidance and guaranteed results?

Are you ready to face the prospect of…..success?

If you’re ready to take that momentous step for your property, your loved ones, and your future… try out our free program , call us / contact us, or request an interview, today.

Reach out to us or hit the button below to request a call back.


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